trip report day 5....

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Thursday May 5..

threw security!
dh and ds ran for space mountain and they were the 4th in line, when a cm 
came out and said that they were delaying the opening-WHAT???
so the boys rode astro orbiter..
then off to buzz-rode it 2 times, then the tea cups.
pooh had a line and dumbo was packed so we headed to philharmagic..
we noticed that the non-emh at the mk-the mornings- were way better to do. i 
would never do an emh again!
we LOVED philharmagic! it really feels like you are flying on a carpet with 
donald! very cool!

first we got the family pic done with cinderella then upstairs the boys got 
they were giving girls wands i believe, but the boys just LOVED this! it was 
nice surprise (sorry if i ruined it for anyone!)
then when we sat we were given wishing stars (ok this part was REALLY 
food came pretty quick and was very yummy! the french toast is one of our 
then we looked around and saw no characters!
we were wondering what was going on when the announcement came overhead-some 
spiel about the royal invitation something or other and then the characters 
came to the table..this was pretty cool because we were all able to eat in 
piece with out fumbling for the camera..very good!
they had belle,mary poppins, snow white and the fairy godmother..
oh-i never noticed before-they had mickey head confetti on the table, that 
was cute!
got our picture- it was in a really nice folder and it turned out cute.
then we rode peter pan...the jungle cruise was showing a 30 min wait and the 
magic carpets que was full so we headed back to the room..dh and ds went to 
downtown disney for shopping and to check out the lego store- i think this 
is going to be ds new "must do" every trip.

incredible was upstairs and gideon, pluto,rabbit, minnie mouse and fro-zone 
were downstairs.
i think the fro-zone meet was dh "magical moment" because we were shocked to 
see him there.
headed to playhouse disney-which we just was cute like always..then 
ds and i went to see votlm...he just realized that it's a "love show" so i 
think this was my last time getting him in there!
dh and ds#2 meet with mr. incredible...
then off to the gmr-thank goodness it wasn't closed this time!
it was the gangster cm told us that they only do the western one 
when the crowds are heavy...
after that ds did the jedi training..he loved this! it was very cute!
rode star tours and then had dinner at pizza planet-hey did they do 
something to the pizza here? tasted better then i remembered...
muppets had a line all the way to the fountain so we headed to ToT...i 
bribed my ds to go on with me by saying i would ride space mountain-that 
ride scares me, but he was AWESOME! the last time i rode ToT 
was in 1997!
we waited in line for what seemed like an eternity for the photo-why does 
this take soooo long?????
dh headed to the turkey leg area and guess what??? NO TURKEY LEGS! they said 
they sold out-HUN?
he waited about a half an hour and went back there and they still didn't 
have any!

headed back to the hotel and in bed by 10....
That sounds like an equipment problem.

It seems like we've experienced this "royal invitation" once before, too. 
Maybe they do it every hour or so??

That sounds backwards!  My understanding is when it's crowded, they run both 
"trains" of the ride vehicles so the front gets the gangster and the back 
gets the cowboy (or vice-verse - I can't ever remember which is first!). 
When it's not crowded, they only run "train".  Although I believe they could 
alternate scenes, I think that you only get the second one (gangster?).
yep, well this is what we were told. dh asked because he thought maybe there 
were 2 different lines we could go in, but everyone was getting the gangster 
oh and did you know that they have women cm doing the gangster routine?
every time  i have seen this, it was always men..that was a little weird!

Yep, we got a girl gangster this last trip, Easter week. Forget what her 
name was, but she did a good show. Probably Muggsy.

We did a few not-in-many-years rides on this trip, plus a new one to us - 
Snow White. But we hadn't been on the Great Movie Ride in at least 8-10 

You ride through the gangster first then the cowboy. It seems that if
two trams are running, they stop simultaneously, with the first tram
getting the cowboy and the second tram getting the gangster. If the CM
said they only do the western when crowds are heavy (which seems right,
but I'm not sure), then it would seem that the "default" when running
one tram would be the gangster.

Anyone else know more details?

Happy day,

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