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I'm about to book our third trip, for March.  We went in 2003 & 2004, not 

I used the Disney phone number before, booked everything ala carte on my 
own, as RADP said was best.

The other day someone said a travel agent is better.  Is that true, now? 
I'm thinking we'll stay at the Beach Club, if that matters.

Please help me, I need to get busy booking!


Much depends on 3 things - how much experience you have with booking
Disney trips (and your knowledge of same), and how much control you
like to have, and how much time you have to spend on your vacation

When you use an agent, you give up a little control - only the agent
can make changes and payment and requests to/on your reservation.
Either one of you can make dining/golf/tour arrangements, many agents
do this as a free service for their clients.

If you do use a travel agent, be sure to use one the specializes in
Disney - they will know the ins and outs of all of the discounts and
deals and will apply them when they are released.

If the agent is good, the pricing will be the same as what you can get
on your own when you book with Disney direct - if you follow
MouseSavers and keep on top of all of the latest deals.

There should be no charge for using a Disney specialist travel agent.

This is the very reason I use a travel agent that specializes in
Disney!  I don't have the time to keep up with all the discounts,
sorting through what ones apply to me and what ones don't, etc.  I have
used 2 different companies in the past and I have been very pleased
with them!  I've never met my agent in person.  All "secure"
information is given over the phone (credit card information
basically), otherwise we just e-mail back and forth.  It's really easy
and I can't see me ever booking on my own again.  (Hey!  There's my
thing I'll never do for that other thread! :o)

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