best value resort for...

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Well, we decided to stay at a value resort, I would prefer a moderate but my
sister likes the "big" theming at the value ones and I figure we won't be in
the room much anyway - way too much to see and do!!

I am wondering which resort and which part to try and get for proximity to
food court and bus routes.
I am a vegetarian - I do eat seafood but no meat which includes chicken, are
there any resorts that cater for vegetarians?
Also my sister would like a pool that is themed nicely as we are getting
AP's and are only going to pay for one day's admission to a water park -
preferably TL.

We will probably be spending most of our time at MK and AK, I don't know too
much about the bus routes but I assume I can get to these places from a
value resort.
thanks for any info
The value resorts don't really "cater" to any particular group (any more 
than Holiday Inn does), but the menu's a little newer over at Pop Century--
As to whether you're spending more time at MK or AK, the All-Stars are a 
*lot* geographically closer to the Tree than the Castle, and PC closer 
to the "middle".

Derek Janssen