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we are making a quick unplanned trip to the Orlando area and 
thought...well,lets make plans to eat at one of the good restaurants 
somewhere on property.
now i've been going every 3-5 years since 1976...and i am appalled by 
the prices of food in the better places.
i don't come from a bohunk area but a very metropolitan area outside NY 
and i will NOT pay $36 for chicken dinner...i am very used to high 
prices but this is way out of line for the way the economy is today

that being said...we'll enjoy ourselves tremendously,just not eating at was always fun
Which restaurant is charging $36 for a chicken dinner?  It's likely that
you're paying for other things beyond simply the food.

The high-end places at WDW mostly charge between $25 and $30 for a
chicken dinner. Add a salad and a tip and you've got $36 easy.
How retarded is it to pay $25 to $30 for checken?
How retarded is it to misspell words in a flame post?  (Gee, I guess the 
kids are out for Veterans Day, huh?)
How retarded is it to misspell words in a flame post?  (Gee, I guess
kids are out for Veterans Day, huh?)


Yeah, we can always tell when it's a school holiday......;-)
Or...since the portions are so huge at WDW...split entrees...or order
an appetizer as an entree..cuts cost and you can still have the
ambience of a nice sitdown restaurant

That would fit in with my theory.  If it's the nicer places, you're paying
in part for a nice ambiance and top-level service. And the meal is
presumably a higher quality than El Pollo Loco or KFC - more than just
generic roasted chicken and some mashed potatoes.

The Yachtsman has chicken for $23.   Also Artist Point, though 
Narcoosees is $26.00 as is California Grille.   Most other restaurants I 
am looking at, though, have it at less than $20.00 (like Le Cellier).

Of course, adding a salad or other appetizer and dessert can make that 
price go up.  But if you are going to a place like the California Grill, 
I do agree that you are paying also for the ambience.  If I am paying 
nearly $30 for an entree, I tend to go with the steak (I can make good 
chicken at home for very next to nothing, but steak is more expensive to 
buy in the market, so I prefer to eat out for that).