Where does walkway from Epcot to MGM start?

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The subject says it all. In case I opt not to take the boat over, where
would I find the beginning of the walkway?
leaving in 17 hours....
If ya head out the International Gateway or back exit between France and 

The side walk on the water way on the Boardwalk side, not the Yacht Club 
side.  Start at the nexus of Swan, Dolphin and Boardwalk (on the Boardwalk 
side) and follow the path next to the water way.

It is easy to see on Google Earth, and I believe the path is decently marked 
with signage that sez:

<--- Epcot
Oh good- thanks!
Adding to that, it's a very nice walk along a pleasant path with ducks
and birds to watch. And it's a nice, quiet break from the parks. You
can do the walk in 15 to 20 minutes. Depending how fast you walk. And
I always beat the boat from one park to the other when I walk. Even if
I stop for a corn dog of a slice of pizza at the Boardwalk. Back in
the good old days, when the boat made just one stop mid way, this
wasn't the case. But now with stops at Yacht, Beach and the Fish/Fowl
you can beat the boat, time wise even if you were dragging a dear
carcase behind you.

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It isn't going to be a huge savings (cutting across the pool area), but 
a little.  The walk itself really isn't that long.  I was just there 
yesterday, timing it (about 10 minutes for me - not walking very fast - 
from the beginning of the actual walkway to where it ends just as you 
are getting to MGM).  So 15 - 20 minutes is about right from the Epcot 
International Gateway to MGM.    It is a beautiful walk, and the boats 
won't be going much faster than you are (with stops, you may just beat 

I second (or third?) the comments on how nice the walk is.  because of 
all the stops, I think you will always beat the boat, even if it leaves 
the dock ahead of you.  In fact, when I stayed at the Swan last April, I 
pretty much walked everywhere and always beat the boats.