What is your costume?

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Hi there.  Just wondering if anyone else is dressing up as a Disney
character for Halloween.  Is your costume homemade or purchased?

I'm attending a Disney collector club Halloween party this weekend as the
dog from the Pirates of the Caribbean jail scene.  I bought a cheap
sweatsuit and dyed it brown.  Then I cut out several spots from dark brown
felt with a sticky backing and applied them to the shirt and pants.  I also
cut out four paws from light brown felt and sewed them onto the cuffs.  At
Target I bought a dog mask with floppy ears.  It's kid-sized, but fits this
41-year old head just fine.  To make this a PotC dog, rather than a
run-of-the-mill mutt, I found a large metal ring and several old-fashioned
keys to hold in my mouth.  I haven't decided yet whether to include a tail,
but may decide to sew a strip of felt or fake fur onto the...uh... posterior

So, share with us what you've come up with.  Next year, I want to be the
'dunked mayor' from PotC, but am not sure how to construct it.
Three of us are going as Lock, Shock and Barrel from Nightmare Before
Christmas. All three costumes and components are pretty much handmade (or
modified store purchases) except for one hat, which came from Disneyland.