What'd I miss?

Parks, resorts, dining, attractions, vacations

Hey campers!  Been on FB talking to a lot of you, but realized it's been 
since Christmas since I logged onto radp.  Anything big happen around here?

Hummm,  Amigold got messed up at the airport and had an adventure that 
Disney would be in awe of....

The RADP pavillion hosted a Jerry Seinfeld dinner.

Kara broke up with Bobby.... He was a loser anyway.

Larry, the octopus, is prowling DL again in anticipation of the Pirates 
IV movie...

Keane's going to WDW for the D23 event.  Caren's going to WDW next week 
but you know that....

I am still in Marietta.....

A very succinct summary!

Oh, Amanda you missed a ton of troll messages!

Yeah, I saw that the May 21 people have been at it.  There's a billboard 
near my house.  I have it my Google calendar.  It's the day Miles comes 
up here for the summer.  Fitting.

Hey, I'm going to WDW THIS week, not next week. And about time, too. I
hate to whine, but it's been eight whole months.
Caren!  I was going to post to you next.  LinLee aka Linda wants to get 
together, but can't post here and isn't of FB yet.  I put up a message 
in the RADP group on FB for you, but email me and I can give you her 
phone # and email address.

For me, make that 8 years!  We're scheduled to go the week after 
Thanksgiving.  That way, we can see the parks in their Christmas 
decs and hopefully, not be too crowded.  We will be bringing our 
motor home and staying in Fort Wilderness.
Hope you enjoy yourself!!!  For lots of information and a great group
of folks that love Fort Wilderness, check out www.fortfiends.net!!

Ahh.. And Sue is going to be there too!!!    Eight months is a long time 
and I am happy that you are getting to go. To your GREAT Health.