Warning: Expedia.com overcharges for room reservations

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I booked a room through expedia.com, and afterwards checked the
hotel's web site to get the phone number, and I discovered that the
advertised room rate was $102.00/night.  Expedia charged my 132.00/
night.  I called Expedia and was informed that they would not provide
the room at the actual rate.

Avoid this company.  They also have a cancellation policy for a motel
room, 1 day in advance, that forfeits one nights stay.

Altogether a surprisingly disreputable outfit.
Don't you think you should of checked the site before you made reservations. 
Remember to always do your homework.

After reading their rules at expedia.com I would not use them. I do however use 
price line.

You have to check different websites, they won't all be the same price. 
  Sometimes Expedia is cheaper, sometimes not.  They are a wholesaler. 
I've done well sometimes with them, sometimes with Travelocity, 
sometimes with AAA, etc.

Personally, I prefer to book my travel directly with the provider.  Of 
course I'm a fairly seasoned traveler, so I am comfortable in doing the 
research and legwork myself. I know sometimes I can save a little money 
or get some extra perks by going through an agent, but I prefer to be in 
control of my own bookings.  That way, if something goes wrong, there 
are only two parties involved.  Some travel service providers won't deal 
with reservation problems that are "owned" by a travel agent.