WDW in Australia

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A friend of mine who lives in Australia has heard rumors of a WDW park in
Melbourne (Australia) sometime in the future.  Has anyone heard of that?
Not likely.  Australia doesn't have enough of a population to draw
upon.  Hong Kong Disneyland draws on China, Tokyo Disneyland draws on
Japan and much of SE Asia.

The next park will probably be in South Asia, ie India.  But that will
be years down the road unless someone in India ponys up the three to
four billion it's going to take, plus the land and infrastructure.
Thanks!  I'd like to visit one of these "foreign" parks myself someday!
apparently Disney has been looking at some land in Avalon, I am from 
Australia and have heard this too, although I hope it isn't true!
Thanks -- I'll keep my ears to the ground!