Villa's at the Wilderness Lodge ?

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We are checking into the Villa's at the Wilderness Lodge in 2 weeks
and were wondering what is the best room to ask for.  We have a studio
and don't mind walking so any tips and suggestions on what room to ask
for would be great,  I know there are no guarantees but I would like
to ask for something nice.
Just ask for what you like - high floor, low floor, near elevator, far
from elevator (quiet), etc.   It's a terrible idea to ask for a
specific room, as it's not likely it'll be available (they're not
going to hold it for you) & then they won't have a clue *why* you
wanted that one.  So, keep the requests few & generic!

Thanks for the info.  I should have been more specific with my email,
I meant suggestions such as corner rooms are larger,  the top floor
has a view of..., etc.  I know the usual drill since I have stayed the
Yacht Club about 70 times and know the rooms I like pretty well, just
wondering if there are any areas at this resort, I should check out.
Sorry for the confusion.

With that said, you should know that I know your statement about
having a "clue" is complete accurate!  :-) They won't get it!! :-) :-)