Tickets at hotel?

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Going for a week long convention in June.  However, the number of
people going is up in the air right now.  Question:  Will I be able to
buy tickets at the front desk of the Cornado Springs, where we will be
staying, for the same price as the MYW online??

You won't get the advance purchase discounts (i.e. what you'll pay for 
tickets purchased as part of a package).  The only way to get the advance 
price is to buy them in advance at a non-Florida TDS, online, or by phone. 
If you do find out ahead of time how many days and passes you need, you can 
order them by phone or online for next-day "will call" pickup and still get 
the discount.

If you will know at least four days in advance what tickets you need, you 
might actually get a better discount ordering from a broker and having them 
delivered to your resort.  I bought passes for our trip next week through with a special discount code published in the newsletter.  Mary has asked that her special codes not 
be published in the NG, but I will say that I saved about $30 on two passes, 
even after shipping.
??? Sounds like I missed something.  When making resort reservations,
I specifically asked if I would get a ticket discount by making a
MYW package.  The CM said No, so I decided to charge the resort
and tickets on separate billing cycles.

What ticket advantage would I get if I convert my resort reservation
to a MYW package?

There is an advance purchase discount on MYW Park Hopping or Water Park Fun 
and More passes of 4 days or more.  It's not much of a discount, about $3-$8 
depending upon the pass, but it's good whenever you buy your passes online 
or by phone either individually or as part of a package.  You can actually 
buy the passes online or by phone at a discount and pick them up at 
will-call the next day (but not the same day).  If you buy passes in person 
at the gate or a resort, you will not get the discount.
Tickets cost the same in a package or if purchased in advance
separately - they will cost more when purchased at the gate or at the
resort checkin desk. 

Its a matter of timing.