There was Pixie Dust Everywhere!

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We got back on Saturday, and we had a fabulous time. Just a few notes
as I'm not much of one to write a TR.

1) Firstly, thanks to those who suggested parasailing for our DS. He
was so very surprised, and it truly is something he will never forget.
Lots of pics, they all came out great.

2)We did some pool hopping, too, so we took in the French Quarter and
had some beignets to commemorate his trip to help Katrina victims in
New Orleans. (BTW, the 9th ward is STILL in total disaray. I feel so
badly for those people.)

3)When we were about to enter Fantasmic on Thursday night, Scott and
another CM made us the "official" Fantasmic family for the night. We
had specially reserved seating, and were given free Coke products and
popcorn. How great was that!! Easy in, easy out, dead center, what a

4)Tried the Tea at GF this trip, too, as a celebration of my niece's
birthday. That was so very special, hardly anyone there. And there was
plenty of food to keep us going.

5)Wasn't going to P&P party as DS is 14 and niece is 12, but we're
glad we did. Well worth the $$ as the tickets were only about 30%
sold. We literally walked on to every ride. The kids kept riding
Splash, BTMRR and Space over and over again.
And the fireworks were spectacular.

Thanks again for helping to make this trip memorable.-Cindy
Wow, good for you!  I'm so glad your husband loved parasailing!  It's
just the neatest experience.  Lucky you for Fantasmic too!  The magic
really IS still there!!!