The Odyssey: A Trip Report - Day 8

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Day 8– Wednesday, January 7, 2014 – “Graceful is my middle name.”

We’re out early this morning. We have a breakfast Advance Dining 
Reservation at Chef Mickey’s so we catch a bus to the Magic Kingdom at 

easy and we pose for the obligatory photo.

We’re soon called in and are seated. We enjoy varied breakfast items 
(eggs, Mickey waffles, pancakes, bacon, sausages, pastries, etc.) with 
lots of juice and coffee. We’re visited by the Fab Five and we take lots 
of photos. Pluto, particularly, took some extra time with Christopher 
who was wearing his Pluto hat. Christopher also charmed Minnie by 
executing a hats off bow – none of us expected that or had any idea 
where he learned it. The kid never fails to surprise.

Now… I’ve gone on record previously stating that the character breakfast 
at Chef Mickey’s is certainly overpriced but worthwhile because you get 
meet and greets at your table with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and 
Pluto. But the price has gone to $38 for adults and $20 for children – 
for breakfast. That’s the same price as dinner at ‘Ohana. In my wildest 
dreams, I can’t eat near enough food to come close to a $38 breakfast. 
And the boys? It’s great character interaction but this will be our last 
visit for quite a while.

to enter, my MagicBand fails again. It seems it’s been failing regularly 
this trip and, after a couple of tries, a Cast Member with a tablet is 
called over and resets things so I can enter. On this occasion, before 
resetting the Cast Member asked which park I visited yesterday, 
presumably to make sure it was my pass. I had to think for a full 30 
seconds before I blurted, “Animal Kingdom”.

We started with two Standby rides on Buzz Lightyear. Christopher “won” 
on both.

Thunder Mountain Railroad. This epitomizes what I like about the new 
Fastpass+ system. There’s no need to rush back to Big Thunder Mountain 
Railroad to ride. Having that Fastpass “in my pocket” allows riding a 
few other things at park opening then strolling back to use the Fastpass.

there accepts scooter and brings us all the way up to the load area and 
we ride with almost no wait. The consensus was it’s a nice little ride 
but is so short it’s not worth a long wait.

We spent some time in Fantasyland. We rode the Carousel with a short 
wait. I actually sat on a horse for the first time in probably 20+ 
years. We then saw Mickey’s Philharmagic, seated in the last row due to 
the scooter. This is the one place where the scooter introduced a real 
negative. The back row offers an obstructed view, especially for the 
shorter guests (the children). It appears there’s not enough slope to 
the theater floor so, from the back, you have lots of heads and shoulder 
obstructing your view of the screen.

We then rode “it’s a small world” and, while on the ride, I changed our 

standby) to the Jungle Cruise at the same time. Got to love My Disney 
Experience when it works. Jungle Cruise was a great ride with a great 

Pirates of the Caribbean was next. The Standby time was listed at 25 
minutes but we were in the boat in10-15. It was almost a complete walk 

We then rode Aladdin’s Carpets which was a first for Barb and me. As we 
were exiting the ride, Barb was trying to navigate around the scooter to 
get out of the way and tripped, almost falling into the water.

We then did something I haven’t visited in decades: the Swiss Family 
Robinson Treehouse. I’m good for another 20 years, thanks.

We decide to head out of the Magic Kingdom and make our way from 
Adventureland to the hub. We’re walking down the sidewalk, just before 
you get to Casey’s Corner, in the area where the curb flattens out to 
street level to allow access. I somehow mis-stepped and my left foot 
wound up on the edge of the curb with, I think, most of the foot off the 
edge. This caused my ankle to roll and I lurched into the street in a 
headlong run with arms pin-wheeling to catch my balance. I’m thankful 
there wasn’t a child or stroller in front of me. It all happened very 
fast and I have a distinct recollection of fully expecting to go down. I 
actually remember thinking to roll on to my left shoulder to avoid a 
complete face plant. Somehow, after three or four lurching strides, I 
caught my balance and came up into an easy jog – glancing back and 
smiling like, “Yeah, I meant to do that.”

I figure with all the video taken at Walt Disney World, someone, 
somewhere must have recorded this. I’d really like to see it just so I 
can confirm what I think happened. At any rate, a likely disaster was 
averted. I’m not sure how much damage I would’ve done had I face-planted 
on Main Street but I’m reasonably certain the pavement would’ve won.

On the bus and back to the Boardwalk where we hit Seashore Sweets for 
ice cream cones. We then spent some time in the room freshening up. 
Tonight’s plan is for Fantasmic!

time for a ride so we hit Star Tours and, once again, we get the Wookie 
planet. Unofficially, I believe that’s five times in a row. Randomizer 
my foot!

We exit Star Tours and make our way down to Sunset Boulevard and the 
theater. We enter and, as we’re walking up the ramp we hear an 

but not filled. The two leftmost sections are empty. I wonder why the 

There’s a specific area for scooters and wheelchairs. It’s near middle 
but at the very rear of the theater – last row but that’s OK. It’s still 
a good view.

I brought along our new “backpack cooler” so we had some snacks and 
bottles of water while waiting for the show to start. I also brought 
along my stadium blanket. It’s a gift that’s been in my car for about 
three years and never been used. It’s a compact folded thing with Velcro 
and handles, folds very small and unfolds nicely to be used as a warm, 
cushioned seat on those metal benches. I now, however, know why I’ve 
never used it. It’s three weeks later and I still can’t figure out how 
to refold it.

We enjoy it, as always. In every show, about 10% of the guests rise and 
exit at the first sighting of the paddleboat. It’s rude and annoying but 
there’s not much you can do. We normally stand at the end of the show, 
join the crowd and waddle out. It’s slow going but what are you going to 
do? I recall, however, seeing how difficult it was for scooters to 
navigate that mass of humanity. For that reason, I suggest we wait for 
the crowd to clear before leaving.

To my surprise, it only takes 9 minutes until the end of the line 
reaches us. We can then join in and walk out without being shoulder to 
shoulder all the way. I think we’ll do this more often.

By the way, have I mentioned the Brazilians have landed? We’ve seen 
dozens of tour groups today – all headed by that single flag bearer. 
I’ll state now that I really didn’t see any rude behavior this trip – 
beyond the usual singing and cheering. The only real impact was when 
they would all decide to hit an attraction at the same time causing the 
wait times to jump significantly.

Back at the Boardwalk, we spent some time watching Coney Island Chris 
doing some amazing things with the Chinese Yo-Yo. We stayed for his 
signature finale, the bed of nails.

Barb and I then visited the Boardwalk Bakery for a slice of carrot cake 
(me) and a chocolate chip cookie (Barb). We brought those back to the 
room, enjoyed our desserts and turned in.

Things I Think I Think – I (don’t) think we had a traditional meal 
today, other than breakfast. I think it would have been funny if Barb 
had fallen into the water at the Aladdin attraction. It would have been 
less funny if I face-planted on Main Street. Seriously, we were a couple 
of klutzes today and could have done some real damage. I think I’ll keep 
riding Star Tours until we get a different scene. I think, in the 
future, we’ll let the Fantasmic! crowd clear before leaving.
I agree.  I remember when these were in the $20 range and I thought that was
pricey.  $38 is just craziness.  But guests pay it, so it's supply and demand.
 Plus, they have to inflate prices to make the DDP seem like a value.

LOL!  I'd probably have needed to think bout it, too.  Heck, I might have had
a hard time remembering what I'd just had for breakfast.

I always take a horse.  It's not a proper carousel ride otherwise.

Oh, I do that on almost every visit.  I can always use the exercise, and I
enjoy getting a nice view of Adventureland.

I think I actually found the video!

and another angle:


I'm glad you save yourself from that.  You know, we see kids go down all the
time and bounce right back up, and at the most maybe shed a few tears over a
knee scrape, but adults fall and you end up int he hospital.

Maybe some evil CM (Boom?) is screwing with you.  With the RFID system, it
wouldn't be too hard to do...

Maybe the announcement is for people back on Sunset Blvd. and not those
already in the theater?

Like a road map, huh?  Oh, and we won;t even talk about the 25yo that works
for me and did not understand when I compared some challenging task to folding
a map!

It is amazing how much more pleasant an exodus can be if you wait until after
most of the crowd has dispersed.  I keep trying to tell Jan this, but she's
one who thinks we need to be right int he thick of the masses, then complains
about it.

I have rarely seen any truly rude behavior from these groups, but the fact
that they do stay together, sing and chant, and create delays at attractions
and walkways is extremely annoying.

I hope she smacks you!

Ask Barb her opinion on that.

Yes, thankfully you did not.

I sure hope Boom is reading! :-P



Next WDW Vacation?
Who knows!

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I feel like those of us paying cash are subsidizing the dining plan-but 
as we know, as long as they keep filling the seats they'll keep raising 
the prices
LOL. Smart ass!

Possibly. But we were 1/3 to 1/2 of the way up the hill.

Yes, only tougher. You can fold it any number of ways but the trick is 
to wind up with the handles facing each other and the velcro hook and 
loop within reach. I got right yesterday but I may never unfold it again. :p

   Oh, and we won;t even talk about the 25yo that works

Tell him he sounds like a broken record.

I've tried this at the MK after Wishes and after 30 minutes, there were 
still throngs exiting. It does work at Fantasmic! though.

I've seen plenty. Most notably at the Tapestry of Nations parade and 
Tower of Terror. I think Sandi had a particularly bad experience with 
them on the Safari last year.

Does today end in a "y"?

All she did was smirk.
Call it brain exercise for the retired generation.