Swing dancing at Atlantic Dance on the boardwalk?

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Atlantic Dance *used to be* all swing, all the time. Then, I guess about 
two years ago I beleive they went mostly Latin, most of the time.

Can anyone local tell me what the current "format" of Atlantic Dance is? 
And for anyone who hasn't seen this venue, you simply must see it. 
Taking the boat from Epcot and seeing the huge neon letters which read 
simply "DANCE HALL" always takes my breath away for some reason. And if 
you need more reason to go to the boardwalk, ESPN is there, and 
Jellyrolls. Plus a shop that sells paintings and sculputes and stuff by 
that famous dolphin/manatee/sea turtle artist guy.

It's my understanding that Atlantic Dance has a deejay now, and that the
music genre isn't the same all the time. I asked Disney about this, and a
rep said that they're looking at reformatting this venue. I think attendance
has been sagging.


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