Sue's Jambo House Weekend - Day 1 of 5

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DAY 1 – Thursday 6/30/11
Who:  Sue (52), DVC member
	Michael (53 – best friend) & family (wife, 2 kids 12 & 10)

Plan:  Work, Drive to Jambo House, Visit w/friends, Concierge Lounge

Actual:   The work day went quickly, but ended with no major
catastrophes to carry into my weekend, so all was good!  I hit rain
almost immediately after leaving Gainesville but it was never that
torrential downfall that makes driving difficult.  I pulled into Jambo
House just after 2pm and was taken upstairs to the lounge.

The cast member checking me in had the personality of a turnip.  They
were changing shift and the outgoing guy was a LOT more friendly.  He
offered to get me wine, beer, coffee, soda, etc but I was fine without
anything for now.  Check in went quickly since I’d done the online
check in, and she told me my room was ready AND it’s the one I like
right on the corner.  The food & beverages are literally right outside
my door, so it’s the most convenient.  It’s also on the savannah

I went to the room and unpacked, then noticed it was pouring outside.
No animals were foolish enough to be out in that, but there is fresh
hay out so eventually somebody will come around to munch on it.  I was
hungry so I got a few chips and a white chocolate chip macadamia nut
cookie for lunch, and ate that while getting the computer set up.  I
contacted Michael once I was settled and talked with his wife to
figure out what they wanted to do.  When I turned General Hospital on
I was horrified to see Casey Anthony’s trial.  Can we ever just say

The rain had stopped and I saw I had a message on the phone.  It
turned out to be from Mickey, welcoming me to WDW.  I’ve never had
that before, lol!  I went for a walk around the resort, seeing some
stuff for the first time. There’s a really nice sitting area over by
the Sunset Savannah, and I guess previously I’d passed by without
noticing how nice it is inside.  When I got back to the room there
were a couple zebra, an ostrich and a couple storks out there.  It’s
still incredibly humid and raining just slightly.

When I talked with SB and told him Michael & family were coming over
and mentioned the lounge he wanted to know why I’ve never taken him
there.  LOL – I explained that when I book concierge I settle for the
lounge for “dinner” and didn’t see him being satisfied with that.
But, I will consider booking it for us as long as there are no
restaurants for dinner.  We can always get him something from Mara if
the lounge isn’t enough.

Michael called when they passed through the security shack, and I
talked him the rest of the way in despite having given him written
directions and going over it verbally with his wife an hour ago <g>.
Let me say up front, Michael and I are a LOT alike, so I have no doubt
he had his written instructions with him, lol!  We hung up while they
parked the car, then he called again so I could talk them up the
stairs (huh???) and when they could see the front door I told him I
was leaving the phone in the room to meet them in the lobby, lol!

Once before I had a couple of my staff at WDW when the husband & I
attended a conference here together (she took time off and stayed with
him) and I’ll admit it was disconcerting to have the work and WDW
worlds collide.  With Michael he’s my work world but also “close
friend world” so I wasn’t sure how that would feel.  Well, it ended up
feeling so natural and right!  They were appropriately impressed with
the resort, of course.

We started with my room, which they all declared wonderful.  Some
animals were outside, so they enjoyed the view from the balcony, and I
pointed out the many hidden Mickey’s (which they then searched for
everywhere else we went).  From there we toured the lobby, the Sunset
overlook, then it was out to the Sunset Savannah.  Not as many animals
were nearby as before, and I learned the animal I saw earlier was a
red river hog.  I thought they were only at Kidani on the Pembe
Savannah, but they’re on Sunset or Arusha Savannah too.  From there we
went back inside and then out to the pool area to the 2 overlooks
there.  We saw giraffe in the distance.

Eventually we went inside to the concierge lounge since it was after 5
and dragged a chair over so all 5 of us could share a table.
Tonight’s food items were the gazpacho and a lamb & fig tart.  I
thought the latter sounded disgusting, but Carmen (Michael’s wife)
loved it and he said it was ok (he’s pickier than me) so I tried it
and it was shockingly good.  We had a great time in the lounge eating
and talking – just having a really nice time together.  The kids are
12 and 10, so they know how to behave.  They’d been to DisneyQuest
earlier in their trip, so Anthony (the son) and I talked a lot about
that.  Jasmine (the daughter) was a cappuccino whore, and loved the
machine in the lounge, lol!

Before they left we went back to my room so they could hear the
message from Mickey Mouse, lol!  They cracked up!  The turndown
service had been completed, so I gave Jasimine the white chocolate
“welcome” greeting and gave each kid a chocolate giraffe lollipop
(there were 4 in the room since I’d registered Michael & the kids as
my guests).  They headed back to Orange Lake (Michael bought over
there on their first trip) and we were all happy.

I got my kindle and went back to the lounge for another glass of wine
& some reading.  There was tension at the next table – a man and
crying 8 or 9 year old came down to berate one of 2 women enjoying
wine & conversation.  After one of the women basically told him to
come back when he grew up they calmed down the girl, then the other
husband showed up and pulled some crap.  It was a stand-off, and I
purposely tried not to listen.  The other woman left with him, and a
while later the first one left with the no-longer-crying girl and a
new boy child.  I don’t think it’ll be a romantic evening on the 4th
floor tonight, lol!

When it got to be almost 7pm I noticed the cast members did not go
around and offer/suggest last call – they just shut off lights and
started removing stuff.  I went back to the room and turned on SB’s
game.  I had some animals outside relaxing, and it was raining lightly
again.  Desserts come out from 8-10 so I figured I’d relax with the
game and the animals and just take what I wanted from the lounge
whenever it was convenient for me.

wine back out there in addition to the cordials.  Wine doesn’t really
go with desserts, but I poured another glass and took some desserts
back to the room.  Besides the usual brownies, rice krispie treats &
cookies they had some chocolate mousse thing (not worth the calories)
and a cream tart with blueberries and strawberry slices (worth the
calories).  One thing about concierge – it’s easy to load up on junk
if you’d like!

I listened to the game and caught up on email, occasionally checking
on the animals outside in the intense humidity.  Once it got dark I
didn’t see anything out there, and I was too lazy to walk over to
where they have the night vision binoculars.  Eventually I finished up
the report and got under the covers in this wonderfully cool air
conditioned room!

Today was a terrific day, as expected.  I’m so happy to be back here
on the concierge level after over 9 months!  Michael is one of my most
favorite people in the world, so it was great to have him & his family
here and to see their obvious enjoyment/appreciation of what Disney
has provided here.  We purposely did not talk business, although I did
warn him of a topic I was bringing to our executive management team
meeting Tuesday morning without going into details.  One of the great
things about our relationship is absolute trust – no need to explain
in advance.

Tomorrow I hope to hit the pool in the morning before it clouds over,
but I’m not sure it won’t be miserably uncomfortable even early in the
morning! I may hit the outlets, as there’s probably not a catholic
mass going on at the church on that road on a Friday.  The evening
will be solo in the lounge – with my Kindle.  I’m reading Cast Member
Confidential, which seems appropriate for my location!
I look forward to reading your report.  We'll be there for the first time in 
August.  Can't wait!    Any suggestions for a room?

Hmmm, glad you didn't opt for the hay!

I hope they are out and about in August.  I don’t know that I wanna get up 
at the crack of stupid to see the animals!

I am trying to convince DH that there actually IS cold tomato soup, and it's 
not just V-8 juice!

My almost 16 yr old will be happy to hear about cappucino in the lounge!