Sue's Boardwalk & DCL Dream Trip - Day 1 of 12

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DAY 1 - Thursday 10/30/14
Who:  Sue (55), DVC Member
	SB (57), my husband
Plan:  Work, Drive to WDW, Food & Wine

I was also happy to see we're in a dedicated studio - no connecting door to allow noise from neighbors!  My only irritation was with SB - who after we got into the room seemed surprised that we'd be heading over to Food & Wine NOW, lol!!  Rain is expected by late afternoon or early evening, so we're going to sit around the room & head out closer to possible rain time???  Made no sense to me, but I think I may have made a comment about how I love my solo trips <g>.  I set up the computer to approve a couple payroll actions for work, then we headed over to Epcot.  

We had no wait at International Gateway, and once inside the park headed left through United Kingdom.  The lumberjack show was going on in Canada, but didn't look too exciting.  The reviews have been awful, but quite a few people were standing around the area.  I can't imagine anyone preferring this to something like Off Kilter.  
I called Linda from radp once we got past the lumberjacks and chainsaws, and sadly our schedules weren't going to allow us to meet up today.  She & Frank leave for home in the morning, so hopefully our paths will cross again next year sometime.  Linda recommended the scallop in Scotland, and I'd read good reviews of it, so since we were passing Scotland I had SB get in the queue.  I won't touch them, but he loves scallops.  He had the seared sea scallop with spinach-cheddar gratin and crispy bacon, along with the Innis & Gunn original oak aged beer.  I thought he'd love the gratin, but he's not a spinach fan.  We each tried a small bite of it, but most of it went in the trash can.  It was very good except for the spinach, lol!  He loved the scallop, and the beer.  The beer was a small cup, but that's good from the standpoint of it stays cold while you drink it.  

In Patagonia I got the sparkling brut and SB had the roasted verlasso salmon with quinoa salad and arugula chimichurri.  Both were excellent.  Our next stop was Germany, which turned into a nightmare.  They only had 1 cashier working, so the line was moving ridiculously slow.  The sun was broiling us at this point, so it was truly miserable.  When we finally got up to the cashier we learned they were out of bratwurst, had been out for a while, and weren't sure when they'd have more (maybe 10 minutes).  So, we stood in line for almost 20 minutes sweating to death when all the while they didn't have the most popular item on the 3-item menu!!  I told the cashier she should suggest to her supervisors that when they're out of something they need to put up a sign or have a cast member at the start of the line telling people.  They had 4-6 people working inside the booth, and they were mostly standing around chatting & drinking water since there were so few customers (those wanting bratwurst just left after getting to the cash registers.  Very bad show.

We left the area, not wanting to stand around in case bratwurst arrived.  Italy was just down the road, and while the reviews say Italy is a terrible value (and I agree), SB remembered liking this booth in the past.  He got the ravioli ($6 for a few cheese ravioli - poor value) and the tiny cup of Moretti beer for $5.  We shared the ravioli and it was ok but nothing special, and certainly not worth $5.  No wonder the stand had no line, lol!  We won't be bothering with Italy again, until the menu changes.  

Next was America, and the Hops & Barley stand.  The cashier was a young guy who remembered me from last trip!  SB found us a spot at a table while I ordered us a Florida grass fed beef slider with pimento cheese and the warm craisin carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  SB loved them both, as I do!  We took a little bit of a breather after this, not stopping again until we came to Ireland.  SB had the lobster & seafood fisherman's pie, which he always enjoys.  He said it's as good as it was in previous years.  As we passed through Canada the lumberjack show was running again.  

Dennis DeYoung is one of the original members of Styx, and they put on a good show.  I saw them last year but this was SB's first time and he really enjoyed the concert.  The guys seated next to me couldn't have even been born when Styx was first big, yet they seemed to know all the songs.  They did the full show, ending about 10 minutes late due to the delayed start.  We talked about what to do next, and I wasn't hungry for more eating.  We ended up deciding to just head back to the resort & relax there.

On the way we stopped at Boardwalk Bakery (my suggestion), where the $5+ cupcakes didn't look worth the money or calories, so we stuck with the familiar and always delicious oatmeal raisin cookies (2 of them since they looked smaller than usual).  SB added a small carton of milk and when the cashier said it was $10.41 I thought surely it was a mistake - so I told her we only had 2 cookies.  She told us they are $3.99 each, lol - and agreed with us that it was ridiculous.  We probably should have left them there, but we paid for them and went up to the room with the final Disney oatmeal raisin cookies of our lifetime (other than those in the concierge lounge) unless we find them for a more reasonable price somewhere.  I could have sworn they were just $2.59 or something like that, but maybe I'm delusional.  

Our room is so convenient - just 2 doors from the elevators!  I love this location, and especially love that there's no connecting door.  I went out onto the balcony and noticed spaceship earth barely visible beyond the end of the Boardwalk Inn (and ESPN club).  Using the zoom on the camera I got an incredible close-up of the exterior tiles on Spaceship Earth!  I didn't even zoom it as far as it would go, since I would have had just a picture of gray <g>.  I'll put it up on facebook if I get a chance later tonight.

I finished unpacking what I planned to unpack (the stuff for Sunday - Friday is in a separate larger suitcase) and hung up the dresses I'll wear on the cruise.  We watched the national news and the Jeopardy as I worked on the trip report.  Sometime after that SB decided he was hungry again.  He'd eaten his cookie & milk when we got to the room.  I've eaten a piece of mine, but for $3.99 it needs to serve as more than 1 snack <g>.  SB loves the stand out on the boardwalk that sells chili dogs & stuff, and I agreed to walk down there with him.  

A magician was performing his show right next to the stand, but we didn't have any wait to order and the food was up very quickly (as usual).  He got a foot long chili dog and order of fries for less than the 2 cookies and tiny milk cost us earlier!  I think it was $9.75.  It was one of those big fat foot long hot dogs, too - not the skinny one.  This stand is not Disney, which explains why the hot dog wasn't $16.95 (before the fries)!

We went up to the studio, where I ate some of his fries and a bite of the end of his hot dog (without the chili).  Both were excellent - I do think he'd be happy eating most meals from this stand, lol!  They do not take magic bands or the dining card, since they're not Disney.  At this point we're in for the night, with him watching a basketball game and me relaxing online after finishing up the trip report.  Illuminations may be partly visible at 9, but we'll see.  Starting Sunday we'll be overlooking the boardwalk and might have a better shot at seeing them then.  

Today was a great day, and the weather turned out much better than expected (other than being a bit hot a couple times in the sun).  I was thrilled to have our room ready upon arrival, as sometimes that's been challenging at this resort.  I'm also happy to have all of my requests met - although for only 3 nights it wouldn't have bothered me if they weren't.  Requests are not guaranteed.  Epcot was busy but not too crowded, although I'm sure it was much worse after we left.  Evenings are more crowded than afternoons.  The Dennis DeYoung concert was great, and we didn't encounter any obnoxious people anywhere we went.  That's always nice, lol!

Tomorrow looks like a perfect weather day!  We'll spend the morning at Epcot, doing lunch at Food & Wine Festival.  After that SB will head home at some point, and I'll spend some time by the pool.  Chris and Amanda won't arrive until around 8pm tomorrow, and I'll head back into Epcot with them most likely.

So did that make him straighten up, or make him more aggravated? :-)

Yeah, I was all supportive of "something new" in place of Off Kilter, but this
really seems to be a dud.

I like spinach, so it sounds pretty good to me.

Bad show indeed!

Yes, you know you spend too much time at WDW when the F&W vendors remember
you. :-)


I'll bet this doesn't last.

Having the two of you in the parks together is something like a celebrity

Yes prices on things like this are getting out of hand.  I was at The Wynn in
Vegas last week and the prices on everything there were crazy.  Three of us
had lunch at a restaurant that was "Applebee's" quality and it was $100 after
tip.  I had a grilled salmon salad with ice (tap) water, another guy had
enchiladas and tea, and another one had an Asian chicken salad and tea.  Tea
and soft drinks are $4.50!  There are places here where you can get happy hour
cocktails for $4.50.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind spending good money for
good food, and we did last week at places like Cut and Capital Grille, but
crazy-high prices "just because it's a luxury resort" are infuriating!

Even so, I am sure they have to pay DIS for the spot, which may even include a
percent of revenue.  But still, it's good to have an alternative like this.



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