Sizzling Summer Family Vacation - July 19, 2009

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When:		July 19 – August 3, 2009
Who:		Joe, 38
		Amanda, 38
		Miles, 10
Where:		Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village 1 Bedroom DVC Rental
		Polynesian Resort Garden View
		Offsite Villa Rental in Clermont on Hwy 22


July 19, 2009
Joe Departs

Joe’s got this 1986 Monte Carlo SS that he rescued many years ago.  The 
car had been standing with the front and back windshields broken out, in 
the open, for a couple of years.  It had water in it, leaves, dirt, you 
name it.  It was messed up.

After a year of building it a new hot rod engine with some friends at 
Accurate Machine in Newport, DE,( 
redoing the interior, new glass, paint, transmission… I’m not sure 
what’s not new on that thing!... he’s got a car that makes men do 
double-takes like they just saw a naked lady going down the road.  And 
it seems to have some sort of pull on middle aged waitresses.

The “mission” for this beast was of course always to drive it around the 
Walt Disney World resort.  This was supposed to happen when Joe and I 
moved down there, so he could teach aerobatics in WWII restored planes 
and I could write best selling novels.  Since neither of us seems to be 
able to figure out how to live on those things and love alone, we’re 
still stuck here in the Mid Atlantic region, with no set date in sight 
for moving to Orlando.  If the Monte was going to wow them at the House 
of the Mouse anytime soon, it was going to have to be driven down there 
and back for a vacation.

Joe swore years ago he’d never drive to Disney again.  He hates traffic, 
hates the drive home because it’s depressing to leave and driving just 
seems to drag it out.  But the thought of being able to have his own car 
at Disney, especially since most of our trip was going to be off site, 
was alluring enough to make him give driving another try.

We debated a bit about how we thought Miles would fare on a long car 
trip.  Would he be totally bored and drive us nuts with endless requests 
to pull off and go to Hooters (NO, I’m not taking him there), or would a 
new game for his Nintendo DS be enough to make him forget his cares. 
Would he even be able to sleep in the motel on the road?  Would he talk 
nonstop?  Well, that’s a given.  He never stops vocalizing at home, 
either.  We leaned towards Miles and I flying down to Orlando, while Joe 
drove down.   At the end of the trip, Miles would be flying to visit his 
dad in New Orleans, LA, so I decided that Joe and I would drive home 
together after Miles’ flight departed.

I wondered a couple of times if we hadn’t wasted money on airfare, until 
Miles vomited the largest amount of vomit I’ve ever seen, all over the 
back seat of my car and himself a couple of weeks before the trip.  It 
was like a message from God.  Yes, you should fly.  Not because it would 
be better to have vomit all over an airplane than my car, but vomit all 
over Joe’s Monte would be… well, I don’t think it would get a rational 
response from Joe.  Miles, by the way, is an upchuck generalist. 
Excited?  Urp.  Scared?  Urp.  Ate too fast?  Urp.  Strep throat?  Urp. 
  Then there’s the mystery sit up straight in bed in the middle of the 
night and vomit, with no apparent cause, no upset stomach afterward, no 
ensuing illness.  This has been going on since he was two years old.  We 
have a family ruling that we will not take him to Hawaii like he keeps 
begging us to until there have been no incidences of mystery vomiting 
for at least three consecutive years.   No, there’s nothing wrong with 
him.  Yes, it’s gross.  No, it doesn’t happen that often anymore.  Yes, 
he’s seen a doctor.  No, it doesn’t mean I’m a bad mother.  I think. 
Everyone knows any time anything bad happens to anyone, somebody’s 
mother is to blame.

Sunday, July 19 was departure day for Joe.  He chose to leave in the 
late evening, around 8 p.m., and spend the night in Kenly, North 
Carolina.  He said he was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the 
Econo Lodge room I booked him.  He expected worse.  He had no trouble 

Washington, DC traffic mess.  Driving is pure hell between Richmond, VA 
and just north of Washington, DC.  Going through there at 10 p.m. you’re 
likely to find just heavy traffic instead of an impassable wall of wreck 
after wreck.  Of course, we didn’t take into account that every road in 
Virginia might be closed down to one lane at night in the summer time, 
but more on that later.  Joe didn’t hit any lane closures headed south 
on I-95, anyways.

Back at home, I set to packing for Miles’ and my flight out of BWI the 
next morning, and tried to get some sleep.
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