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Well, the main article in AllEars this week got me to thinking last night.
Where is your favorite place to get seafood at WDW? I'm talking anything
EXCEPT fish fingers (fish sticks). Counter service / take-out / sit-down /
bar atmosphere / whatever....

sit-down /

That was an intersting review of the two restaurants, wasn't it? I was
disappointed that she found Flying Fish not as nice as on previous
visits. It's one of my favorites on property, or at least has been in
the past. To answer your question, that's where I'd go for fish. I took
the whole review with a grain of salt, kind of. It gave the impression
of being written by someone who's really not used to, or comfortable
with, eating, enjoying or paying high prices for gourmet meals. I don't
get the opportunity often (enough), either, but when I choose a more
expensive restaurant, I kind of leave the "is it a good value for the
money" mentality at the door, and just try to enjoy the food for what
it is, not for what it costs. One comment that she made gave me a
chuckle - her note that the bread served at Flying Fish hadn't been
warmed (as opposed to the warm bread at bluezoo). Far as I'm concerned,
I think most places warm their bread to hide the fact that it's of
inferior quality. A great piece of bread is great at room temperature -
th fact that it hadn't been warmed before serving is not a  legitimate
complaint, imho.