Resort themes planned and forgotten

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Hey all,

I am looking through my 1971 commemorative book "The Story of Walt 
Disney World". They show a map of the MK and 7 Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake. 
It looks like the old Discovery Island was originally "Blackbeard's 
Island - wooded island with landing dock, beaches, clearings for picnics 
and excursions". It also shows the airstrip right next to Ft Wilderness 
"Initial air service planned from Tampa and Daytona". Then it shows 
really cool stuff..three planned resorts: Asian Resort-Hotel, Venetian 
Resort-Hotel, and Persian Resort-Hotel. The Grand Floridian stands where 
the Asian was supposed to be, the Venetian was supposed to be directly 
across the lake from the Asian, and the Persian was past the 
Contemporary, into Bay Lake, and up around the corner to the left, 
situated "behind" the speedway in Tomorrowland.

BTW, it's so cool to look at a map of MK with no Space Mountain, but 
with 20,000 Leagues!

Next trip end of hunting!!! (go ahead, be jealous)
In the Comedy Warehouse by the toilets at the top of the seating area, is a
large map, showing WDW circa that timeframe, and you can see pictorial deatails
of these "different" hotels etc, it is very interesting and worth a look. 

Cheers Larry.