Renovate Tomorrowland NOW!!!

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Tomorrowland: Land of  carnival attractions!

SM is a kiddy coaster in the dark.
C. of Progress, a 50s World's Fair attraction. Ok i love this
attraction and don't want it replaced.
Time Keeper closing, although fun, it wasn't very popular.
People Mover, don't care what it is called now, it will always be
People Mover to me. Love it.
There are better rides at county fairs than the rockets.
Buzz, ok I understand.
Stitch, ok I understand.

The theme of Tomorrowland is an alien space port. It is not the land of
Tomorrow. I understand that Future World at Epcot is taking the theme
of Tomorrowland, then change the name of the land or make it a land of

Proposed changes to Tomorrowland:

1) SM upgraded to liken RnRC or Euro-Disney's version.
2) Add special effects and a story line to People Mover
3) Replace Time Keeper with innovative show-no room to make it a ride.
Taking bets it will be replaced with a 3D sitdown show. Any takers?
4) Most importantly: add an e-ride attraction that uses innovative
technology. It should be what Spiderman at IOA and Soarin was in the
late 90s, U. of Energy was when it opened or Mission Space is to the
00s. Add an attraction that hints of the rides of 20 years from now!

Failure to revamp this land is a crime! Walt must be turning in his
grave! His vision of the future is what gave Disney its magic. Where is
the magic in Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland was my favorite as a kid now it is a passing glance
usually only attended during a late night at MK  for me now.

What else would make this a special land?

I also love the wedway people mover (should never have changed the name) and 
as I said in previous post I also love Carousel, but I could do without the 
rest too, so I agree.