RADP Pavilion - September Contest Cancellation Notice

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The contest previously scheduled for September is cancelled. We were 
going to have our very first twerking contest. However, after the Miley 
Cyrus pornographic twerking performance at the MTV music video awards we 
can not go forward, as there is now doubt that twerking is family 

We want to assure you that the twerking we had in mind is the kind that 
Irene Dunne performed in the 1930's. If you don't know what this looked 
like, click the link below turn on sound and full screen and go to the 

BTW, if the look on Irene's face does not bring a smile you probably 
failed the psychopath test.


Cancelled??? Six weeks of practice just went down the drain.
Oh Steve, I am sure that Barb and the kids would love to see you 
twerking.  Have them video it, I would love to see it too...