Quick cruise question

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Hi Guys
On the Magic is there a strict dress code for evening diner? As in are jeans
acceptable in the main restaurants , i know Paulos will be a bit stricter.

General Panic
Hi General- the dress code for all restaurants (except Palo's and Topsiders)
is smart casual,polo shirts and slacks. On the themed evenings I wore
Hawaiian shirt for the Caribbean night with slacks. There was a Formal night
which I wore a Tux and my wife a nice dress.
There were some who turned up all nights dressed in their beach gear-they
didn't get turned away,but they looked a bit daft compared to the rest of us
who had made an effort.
I just thought that their behaviour was disrespectful to the rest of us-it
takes all sorts :-)
I enjoyed getting in the spirit of the evening events.
If you want to be informal for the whole time you can eat at Topsiders in
shorts and T shirt for the whole cruise.
Palo's is semi formal.
Hope that helps.
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