Primeval Whirl Sucks

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Hi kids,

LOL, you know, I defended Dinorama at first, but then I'd never had the
chance to ride Primeval Whirl.

I finally got to go on it, my last visit, and I was just thinking this
evening, you know, that ride sucked.

It jerked me around to the point of discomfort, had little to no
theming, a boring, uninspired, six flags esque queue, and the seats in
the ride vehicles were molded in a way that you couldn't help but slam
tender parts of the anatomy into their rather hard edges on the violent
twists and turns.

The poor Imagineers tried to dress it up, and the graphics were very
very cute, but c'mon.

When we were at Disneyland, I knew to stay far far away from identical
bad idea attraction "Mulholland Madness".

I wouldn't mind some cute carnival rides, and the Dinoland theming is a
neat concept.  But make them Disney carnival rides... by Disney
actually MAKING them.  Then maybe the seats would be comfortable to sit
in, at the very least!

Believe it or not, this ride was semi-comfortable when it first opened.
Since then, however, it's gotten herky-jerky and painful pretty quickly.  I
promised my family we'd try it one more time this trip, but if it still
seemed as bad as the last time, never again.

Kathy M.