Port Orleans?

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Thinking of spending an extended weekend at Disney World, probably early
fall.  We're thinking of staying at Port Orleans, so the question is, which
one to stay at (Riverside vs. French Quarter).  An anniversary is involved,
so there is the "romantic" factor to consider too.  Coronado Springs has
also been kicked around, but we're leaning toward Port Orleans.

Any thoughts?

French was always envisioned as the more "romantic" couples-only Mod 
when it was built, hence its "unappreciated" reputation in the past--
But still the nicest of the Mods for scenery, convenient size and less 
kids than Riverside.

(...Don't forget the rentable horse-carriage ride, too)  :)

Derek Janssen
For the record.... The PO(FQ) was the second moderate resort built,
after the Caribbean Beach. Apparently there were some changes to the
PO to correct shortcomings from the opening of the CB, such as adding
a full-service restaurant.

I can not utter one word in disagreement.  PO-FQ is our favorite
resort.  Since we always get a king bed, we usually wind up with a
water view.  Even the furthest building is close to everything.  It
just has a cozy, intimate feel to it.