Plans Changed

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For my December trip, I originally was going to do 3 nts at POR with free dining, for 5 people. It was to be me, my oldest daughter, her twin daughters who will be turning 16 while we are there, and one boyfriend (now ex) and my 9 year old grandson (who was not on the plan, as he would be cheaper out of pocket).  The plan was that they would stay in her condo, and I would stay at POR for the 3 nts. 

But plans change, or should I say, I change them.  I was going to fly down on Friday, they are flying down on Wednesday to spend time with her mother in law who lives in Ocala. Knowing my daughter and her mother in law (soon to be ex, also) I don't think 2 nights were going to work.  My daughter can't get into her condo until Friday, I decided..wait for spend one night at AKL savannah view so the kids can stay there. (Yeah, I know for the kids, it's for me actually) Since I get in from Albany around 10, and should be there around noon, hopefully my room will be ready; if not, I will just find a rocking chair and wait. They will get there whenever, and in the morning my daughter can go register at the condo.

The other change I made, is on Monday night we will stay at the darkside, HRH,
because we have two day tickets for Universal, that way we will have two days of Express Pass and we can get in to Daigon Alley 1 hour early.  

With all the changes being made at Epcot, and the food being so generic, I am glad I have made all these changes.

I will still be at Disney on the weekend of the RADP meet, but haven't seen any plans.

Sandi, will you be around?  The dates of my trip are 12/11-12/17.

Yes, I will be!
I am hosting a couple of RADPers at my house that weekend, so will be in 
and out of the parks for meets, etc.!
See you for sure!
Great!, Keep me posted