Observations on DR

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Interesting evening.  DR has always been a rock fan.  However, on our
recent trip to WDW it was surprised when he showed great interest and
enjoyment in such shows as Finding Nemo: The Musical and Legend of the
Lion King.  Tonight ABC Family had Beauty and the Beast on and I was
watching it.  DR pulled up a chair and watched through the entire show
with a big smile on his face.  I don't think it would have held his
attention if he hadn't seen the live version at the Disney Studios.  I
might get him interested in some really good music after all.
It's called, "Drinking the Kool-Aid."

(Show him "The Boys" when it comes out.  I'd be interested in his
reaction to that...)

Oh, an addendum to the experience.... he fell in love with the
Celebrate music for both parades  he saw one afternoon at MK.  He
insisted on scanning the stores to see if there was a copy of the
music somewhere.  There wasn't.  However, he chatted up one of the
store's CMs and she provided him with the name of the author of the
music.  That night we were on the net and he found the music on
YouTube (I think) and eventually at the author's own web site.
.... he fell in love with the
Do tell. Author's web site? Other Celebrate music on the web?
I have a never released 3D tape of Corbin Bleau singing it on Disneyland's 
Main Street USA for the "Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade Special, 
25th Anniversary" television broadcast. It's raw, so you hear the producer 
queuing the playback, catch dancers missteps, and they ran it three times 
with different camera angles. (It was hard enough to get permission to post 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXyYagLZOWU Jose Feliciano's "Feliz Navidad" 
3D. I tried to get "Celebrate You" release permission, but there are 
issues - mostly that it's raw and not mixed properly with the playback. "It 
ain't Mickey Moused" the official response in Hollywoodese.[but maybe I can 
sneak a portion to you via e-mail, sure, yea... it's a "guest cam", right... 
that's what it was.])
The best place to try for park music is Once Upon A Toy in Downtown
Disney, though sometimes the stores around the event have the CD's.
(For instance, I think it's a cart that has Voices of Liberty CD's in
USA, and has CD's of the performers currently at the Garden Theater,
if they're having concerts...  They might be in the store, too.)

I actually have a lot of parade music on CD from Disney, so there is
a history of them putting the music on CD.

I think there's a subliminal track hidden in the parade music that
alternates between "You love everything Disney!" and "Spend more
money!" and it seems to work amazingly well...