OT: Trimobian tale, pt. 3

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To understand the dilemma Dirk faced as he stood there in the burning
town scene of the Pirates attraction (turned off for the night), it’s
important to understand the relationship between Trimobian Pirates of
the Caribbean and Disney cast members. The vast majority of cast
members didn’t know or didn’t believe that the pirates had a life of
their own. The pirates liked it that way, preferring to conduct their
business out of the sight of most humans. When the pirates did appear
to humans outside of their ride, they were generally taken to be cast
members in pirate costume, as had Longshanks when he went to the first-
aid station to enquire about lost children.

Dirk had no current cast members he could confide in—turnover had been
brutal in recent years—leaving him with few choices. He could out the
pirates to one of the regular Pirates cast members who already
suspected something was going on with the pirates and ask them for
help. No, unthinkable. He could simply drop the child off near the
nighttime mousekemaintenance cast members and trust them to do the
right thing. The child would talk of pirates, yes, but she was a
toddler and toddlers were never taken seriously.

Yes, he decided, that was what he was going to do. He was going to
simply have someone put the child out near the night
mousekemaintenance cleaning crew. But who was going to do the deed?
Certainly not Dirk. He was, he told himself, in charge and above such
menial work. Certainly not Bubba, who was at the moment playing with
the little girl and the animatronic pigs. Maybe Longshanks. Longshanks
was reasonably reliable.

As Dirk was standing in the burning town, straining his animatronic
brain on this problem, three new pirates turned up on the scene.

“Hey there, fellow pirate, good buddy, fine fellow, is there rum yet?”

“Not yet, Jack. And that goes for you, too, Jack and Jack.”

“That’s Captains Jack to you,” the three Captain Jacks said in

Dirk found them to be intensely annoying. And not just because they
were advanced animatronics.

“So why is there no rum?” asked Captain Jack.

“We have no rum again?” asked Captain Jack. “Why is there never any

“What they said,” said Captain Jack.

“Look, there’s been a delay. We ran into a little problem on the way
to get the rum.” Dirk explained. Oh, how he longed for the days before
the three Jacks showed up in the ride.

“Well, that’s what you get for letting one of THOSE fetch the rum.”
Captain Jack shrugged.

“What do you mean, one of those?” asked Dirk, although Dirk had a
suspicion he knew exactly what Captain Jack meant.

“You know standard-issue animatronic, jolly type,” said Captain Jack.

“Yeah, you know they’re kind of whooo…” continued Captain Jack.

“Can’t get anything right,” said Captain Jack.

This was too much for Dirk, “I’ll have you know that Bubba has been a
loyal pirate here YEARS before you three misfits turned up to cause
trouble. He’s been totally reliable on rum duty. I’ll have you know
that he didn’t fetch the rum tonight because he rescued a….”

“Rescued a what, Dirk?”

“Yeah, did he find a kitten?”

“Look, look over there. Oh, this is too good.”

Three slow, sly smiles spread across three pirate faces.

To be continued.
Yippee. Three Captain Jack's. Like those LSD scene in the last
Pirates movie.  Can't wait for pt 4! And thank you for including
Captain Jack.   Checks in the mail.  Lisa