OT- Hooking up cellphone to laptop & ISPs

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I have a Nokia 3285 from Verizon Wireless and I'm moving to Florida in 2
weeks.  I have the cable to connect my cellphone as a "wireless external
modem."  Couple questions:

-Have any of you guys done this before, and how well does it work?
-What ISPs work with this setup?  I was most curious about AoL (I know it
sucks, but I can get it for free)
-How hard is it to configure?  My laptops old (Celeron 300 mHz, Win 98)

Any help from you "tech guys" is always appreciated!!

~heather (CM in 13 days!!!)
The cable should have come with software to enable the computer to "talk"
with the telephone.  (The cable and software must be set up for the
telephone.)  You should have also received instructions for the complete

How it works:  The computer will dial the telephone for you and the
cable/telephone/software combination is in fact the modem which would have
been in the computer to use a land line with a desktop.  You do not have to
have a built in modem in the laptop for this to work.

Any current ISP that you have an account with will be able to be dialed to.
My current system uses my Verizon Wireless 1 rate National plan to dial
"long distance" to my home ISP's local (to my home) phone number anywhere I
have access to a wireless signal.  I have used this setup in LasVegas, Reno,
Orlando, Seattle, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Thank you VERY much!!!!  This is the exact answer I needed that Verizon
wireless couldn't answer.  I have the software drivers that came with the
cable and Nokia's PC-suite to make the connection "easier"

~heather (CM in 13 days!)