OT: DC Beltway traffic

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For the DC locals,

We'll be driving to WDW in a week and are trying to decide what time to 
leave. Is there any difference in the morning rush hour traffic at 7, 8 
or 9 am.  I've driven the evening rush but never the morning. Depending 
when we leave, we will be driving the beltway btw 7-9am. does traffic 
move any better at 7 than at 9?

IMHO plan on getting off the beltway before 6 AM or wait until after 10 AM. 
I have been on the beltway in the morning and the difference in 5 minutes, 
early or later, may mean the difference in a 40 minute or 1 hour and 40 
minute circle of the road.  The only good thing is that most of the traffic 
on I-95 South of the beltway (in Virginia) will be heading into the city at 
that time in the morning.

Depending on where you are coming from (If this is North of Baltimore) I 
would take I-95 into Baltimore and then take I-895 through the Harbor 
Tunnel, Exit onto I-97 South (toward Annapolis), Exit onto MD 3 (a local 
surface street dual highway) until it merges with and becomes US 301 @ US 50 
in Bowie.  Take US 301 South to Virginia 207 which will dump you back out 
onto I-95 North of Richmond

-  OR -

if you are coming from Delaware or NJ, I would take US 13 South from the 
Delaware Memorial Bridge through Maryland and Virginia's Eastern Shore to VA 
Beach.  In Va Beach, take I-64 East and then take I-264 South (first exit 
after getting on I-64) .  Exit onto US 58 (after about 10 miles)  to Emporia 
VA (about 60 miles) and exit to I-95 South.  (This is my favorite route from 
the Eastern Shore of Maryland to Florida.)

Both routes will miss most of the nasty traffic that early in the morning.
If you are coming from Delaware Memorial Bridge, take Rt 1 south then
follow Rt 113 south to Rt 9.  Take Rt 9 SW to pick up Rt 13 south for
the rest of these directions.  I would think this would be quite a way
out of the way though.  I would recommend Rt1 to the first exit after
the tolls following the bridge over the canal.  Go west to Rt 301 and
turn south.  Follow Rt 301 to the previous directions.  It will merge
with Rt 50 before going over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge(no toll in this
direction) You will be exiting Rt50 to take Rt301 South, in Bowie ,
Totally forgot about Del Rt. 1.  Only problem with it is the additional 
toll.  As for being out of the way, I think you would find that mileage wise 
it is not too much different.  Ran a check with DeLorme Street Atlas and 
found the following:  All mileage from shoreline at Delaware Memorial bridge 
to VA/NC state line. According to mapping program - I-95 then I-295 through 
DC back to I-95 is the shortest at 294 miles.  I-95 around DC is 299 miles, 
Via US 13/I-64/I-264/US 58 is 329 miles, and 301 to 207 route is 313 miles. 
I know that the US 58 route has the least traffic as long as you aren't in 
Va Beach-Norfolk area between 7 and 9 am.  That's why it is my preferred 
route from my home. (It's also only 4 miles farther from my house.)