Need help from locals - driving direction/advice

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The first few days of our trip, we will be staying at the Embassy Suites in 
downtown Orlando (Pine Street).  While DW works Monday and Tuesday, I intend 
to go to WDW.  What's the best route?  I've checked a few map programs and 
they all send me down I-4.  I don't mind traffic, but I don't want to get 
caught for hours in total gridlock, especially when I have to return 
downtown in the afternoons.  I'll likely be heading toward WDW at 8AM, and 
trying to get back downtown by 5PM.  Any suggestions?
Off hand, I am not sure, but I would be very surprised if one of the 
people at the Embassy Suites couldn't provide you with the most direct 
driving directions. Just ask when you check in.
Don't drive during the peak hours.  Get on I-4 at 9am and be back on it to
return by 4pm. Try NOT to get on I-4 at 535/LBV--it is a madhouse.
You could also get on the E/W expressway to 423 (john Young), go south, turn
left on 482 (sand lake), take that til it ends at Apopka Vineland (435),
turn left (south) and take that right into LBV.  There will be traffic
there, too, during peak times. Plus it is a slower route. But it is a route
home and there if I-4 becomes a parking lot (and you know about it in
advance). You can avoid portions of I-4 if needed by doing parts of that
Thanks, that's what I wanted to know, and those times will be perfect for 

Thanks, Paragon!
I'd be careful if I were you, Rodney. Those look like the directions to 
her house. Have you been inspected recently? Your time may be up. ;)

Oh dear!  :-o  Yes, I was inspected recently, but unfortunately, the 
inspector was not certified, so I guess that doesn't count.
"Oh dear!  :-o  Yes, I was inspected recently, but unfortunately, the
inspector was not certified, so I guess that doesn't count."

TMI !!!!!!!!
Not enough, you mean.  I want to know about any rogue or freelance 

I think Jack is jealous.

Someone should buy a map of Orlando and keep it in the car, btw.
I don't have a clue about Orlando area traffic, but in many metro areas
the really heavy traffic heads into "town" in the mornings and out of
"town" in the afternoon.   If the same is true for Orlando, she'll be
going "against" the really heavy traffic......If I-4 is a parking lot
in both directions, forget what I just said!!!  And good luck
Ah, but you've got to remember that the largest employer in the
Orlando metro area is...  Walt Disney World, located outside of the
city limits of Orlando.  So, that makes Orlando's rush hour a bit
different with plenty of WDW employees making the run out of Orlando
in the morning and back into Orlando in the evening.

Then, throw in all the people who do work IN Orlando and you've got a
mess in both directions.

And throw in the tourists who haven't a clue to where they are going and 
the FL residents who don't believe in traffic laws and the Northern 
Snowbirds whose only way of driving is s-l-o-w and the drivers who only 
know one way to drive (full tilt aggressive) and ... well you get the 
idea. ;)