Mission: Space Pix

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If you are interested in experiencing Epcot's newest ride Mission:
Space, please see the link below for pictures which take you through
the experience.  If you don't want to spoil your first time riding,
stop reading here and don't look at the web site below.


The premise of the ride is that in the future, there will be frequent
travels to Mars.  You are being trained as an astronaut (although, if
you are worried about motion sickness, you can opt out for Mission
Control training) in the Mars flight simulator.  Each trainee has a
role during the mission including Pilot, Commander, Engineer, or
Navigator.  During the simulation, you will be prompted by CAPCOM when
to initiate commands.  If you fail to do so, the autopilot will take
over and initiate for you (wouldn't want you to crash during your

Photos in the order you will see them:

Mission: Space building
Mission: Space logo
Lunar surface (there is a model of the moon outside which includes a
marker for each moon landing)
Flight Training Entrance
We Choose to Go
International Space Training Center
Living in Space Conceptual design
The Queue
Moon Buggy
Past Space Flight Accomplishments
Future Space Flight Accomplishments
Mission Control
Mission Control
Ready Rooms
Mars Flight Suit
CAPCOM Instructions (that's Gary Sinise)
Simulator entrance
Cock Pit
On the launch Pad
Engines ignite
Flying over Florida
Passing the Space Station
Slingshot around the Moon
Asteroid belt around Mars
Hearing Mars
Crash Landing
The Exit (Simulators as spokes on a centrifuge)

Any questions?


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