MagicBands Update

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As mentioned, my upcoming stay begins with one night, on cash, at Pop 
Century. We then move to the Boardwalk Villas on DVC points. On Friday, 
I received one set of MagicBands. I have an email that tells me a second 
set will arrive today, presumably for the BWV stay.

What's interesting is that the email and the letter that accompanies the 
MBs tells me I have until mid-October to customize the bands - the same 
ones that are now in my possession. Customization is only color and the 
name that appears inside the band. I guess this is one of those things 
they hope to catch in testing.

I'm not sure if or when I'll be asked to give feedback but that's been 
the only real glitch... so far.
I see the freaking bands all over the parks.  Se to be working well.   As
oppose to my RFID cards which seem go work less than 40% of the time.  
There are plenty of CMs to help too.