Lets Celebrate Ponce de Leon today!

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Today ,April 2, 1513 Ponce de Leon discovered Florida!
And where would we be if Florida wasn't discovered? Yes- Anaheim :-)
Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon came ashore on the Florida coast, and
claimed the territory for the Spanish crown. Nice try:-)

Apparently he was was searching for the "Fountain of Youth," a fabled water
source that was said to bring eternal youth.
I have my disney hat and tee shirt " I am never growing up!" so he found it
Ponce de Leon named the peninsula he believed to be an island "La Florida"
because his discovery came during the time of the Easter feast, or Pascua

He returned to Florida in 1521 to establish a Spanish colony on the island.
However, hostile Native Americans attacked his expedition soon after
landing, and the party retreated to Cuba, where Ponce de Leon died from a
mortal wound suffered during the battle. Successful Spanish colonization of
the peninsula finally began at St. Augustine in 1565, and in 1819 the
territory passed into U.S. control under the terms of the Florida Purchase
Treaty between Spain and the United States.

How about that then - All Hail to Ponce de Leon! Finder of the mosquito
swamp we know and love.

History lesson ends...
Another reason to be thankful to good ol' Ponce.....   the possibility
of a "Pirates IV"  ; )

By the way, when I lived in the land of "fruits and nuts" (what my
gramma called California) we pronounced it Pontzay day Lee Own.  In
Georgia; however, it is pronounced Ponts d' Lee On and is the name of
a very famous, historic avenue in Atlanta.

-Fizzie of Georgia, where Houston is pronounced Howston and Cairo is
pronounced Kay-ro.
Hey, that's how we New Yorker's pronounce Houston Street in lower 
And there's also a Cairo (pronounced Kay-ro) in New York.
Oh, Lordy, the idea of anything from New York being the same as in the
South is enough to curl the toes of alot of red clay folks.
During the depression my grandparents lived over a fish market in NYC.
I don't think they ever disassociated the town and the smell of fish.
Until she died, my gramma refused to buy, cook, or eat it.

The city of Arab, Alabama, pronounced (of course) "AY-rab".