Jury Duty

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Ok, so has anyone been called to Jury duty while they were supposed to be on a
WDW vacation??  If so, how did you handle it?

I ask because, alas...I received the notice from the city today and YIKES!!!
I'm supposed to still be at MOUSEFEST then!!!!  I would really like to do jury
duty - I think it would be very interesting - but just at another time.   I was
curious if a planned vacation provided a legitimate excuse.  

In the State of NY a planned vacation is a legitimate excuse but your 
jury duty is merely postponed not cancelled. Mr. Anti Disney had this 
happen. He called and they postponed his appearance until after his 
vacation (which was not to WDW).

Jenn : )


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Yes, this is the same in Ohio.  It is pushed back, but you still have to do
jurry duty.

There must be something going around.  I have jury duty beginning on 12/1.  I'm
just happy my vacation isn't planned until 1/9.  Whew!

Marcia (48 days to go!)
Must be..
DS got a notice for january...two  years running.  Last year he was 
placed on standby and never had to serve, so they called him again this 
year for the same time frame.  Fortunately it is his intersession from 
college so he will be home.