Hollywood Studios question

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Hi All,

My daughter's choir is going to WDW this weekend to compete in the 
Disney Festival that's going on.  They're going to Hollywood Studios one 
afternoon/evening.  They were told that there wasn't much to do in the 
park because most of the attractions were closed due to the name change. 
  I thought I'd check with the experts to see if this is true or not and 
see what is still open.

Angie in Texas
TDC...title lost in the memory bank...
There is exactly one closure currently mentioned for the Studios on
the WDW website:


It says:

	The American Film Institute Showcase: Closed for Refurbishment 
	[April 2, 2008 to April 30, 2008]

I'm sure your daughter and her friends will be heartbroken. ;-)