Hey Rodney, speaking of speed

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I got to drive the most incredible car this weekend.  High revving
engine, paddle shifters, whirring through the gears like you wouldn't
believe.  Held it to 100, she was wanting to go faster.

F360 F1.  In red, of course.
Cool!  The last Ferrari I drove was an old 308 (the Magnum PI car).  I was 
actually thinking about buying it, but it was in pretty bad condition.  The 
"best" Ferrari I've ever driven was the 512 Berlinetta Boxer.    Were you on 
a track?  Are you thinking of buying one?!
Used to own a 308GT4.  Neat car, but expensive to own.

It's a friend's.  He's got another one on order that's the race
edition.  I've got a potential ride in an M3 for next year's ALMS
series.  I get a test in August.  I'll have to buy a new firesuit and

Um, no, erh, it wasn't a track, hence the subject.