French Quarter vs Riverside

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Any opinions?  Trying to decide which one, although I've definitely decided 
on Port Orleans.  Thanks!
Ellen  :)
Hi, Ellen,

I think of the different between Riverside and French Quarter this
way... French Quarter is more like being in the city, perhaps even New
Orleans itself. Riverside is like being in the countryside. If you like
a more compact resort with a party feel, try French Quarter. If you
prefer a more spread-out resort that it like a country retreat, try
Riverside. If you *really* like the country, you can even request a
room in the Alligator Bayou section of Riverside.

You might also note that there is no table-service restaurant at French
Quarter, only a food court. It is a bit nicer than more food court, but
it's still a food court. That might affect your decision too.

Hope that helps!

Happy day,

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We stayed at POR in December and liked it.  We stayed in the mansion
section.  Our room was nicely furnished, we had a little fridge, and
especially liked the privacy curtain between the sinks and bedroom,
providing a nice little dressing area.  We were in Parterre Place which
was not a great location as far as proximity to everything so would
request a room in Magnolia or Oak Manor to be a shorter walk to the
restaurant, etc.  Other than the difference in theming between the PO
resorts, the major one for me was that POR has a nice sit-down
restaurant and POFQ doesn't.  The food court was very noisy and chaotic
during regular mealtimes so we avoided it.  But keep in mind that we
were there during Pop Warner and cheerleading competitions and some of
the overflow crowd stayed at POR.  If it's just two adults, at POR you
can take a lovely nighttime horse and buggy ride and you can't miss the
boat ride to Downtown Disney.  Very enjoyable.  Have fun!

While I agree that FQ has a more "city" feel, I don't get a "country"
feel from PO-R at all. In fact, I felt that PO-R was really lacking in
theming compared to FQ, which I think is just charming.

If you like

FQ is definitely more compact, but I didn't get any sense of a party
feel, at all. If anything, it was very subdued - quiet, peaceful...very
laid back.


When Bonfamilles was there, it wasn't great anyway. With so many great
restaurants at the parks and at the deluxe resorts, having a
table-service restaurant at my specific moderate resort just isn't that
important, at least to me. When we stayed at Coronado Springs, we did
eat at Maya Grill, but that was when the menu was still very unique and
themed. Now, it's been dumbed down to appeal to the masses, so even
that sit-down has lost its appeal (at least to me).

Maybe we tour WDW differently than most, but we usually look for a
quick bite and cup of coffee to get us going in the morning, and are at
the parks all day. We end the day with a sit-down either in the parks
(usually Epcot) or at a nicer restaurant at a nicer resort. The food
court offerings do the trick for us.

I'm one of the few that was really unimpressed with PO-R. I'd pick
PO-FQ or Coronado Springs over  PO-R any day, unless I got some super
pricing. It was the only resort I saw that had litter along the
walkways (even AS-Mu didn't) and the food court was absolute chaos with
tables left dirty, the self-serve beverage area a mess, etc.

Obviously I'm a fan of FQ. It's as close to a "boutique" hotel as
you're going to get on WDW property, imho. It just has a very pleasant,
cozy atmosphere.