For Roy

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Roy, I treated you rather poorly a while back, and I apologize.  I was
in a bad mood and took it out on you.  I shouldn't have and I want to
publicly apolgize for a private insult.
Roy Johnson or Roy Disney?  Honestly, I don't recall you ever being rude to 
either, but then again, my tolerance for rudeness is only surpassed by my 
very own rudeness. ;-)
I expected something about Roy Disney (although I have never seen him 
participate in RADP).
On that tack (and I do mean tack), I once met Roy Disney after the SD
to Ensenada race.  Pywackett won that year, for the third year in a
row.  I think it was 1979 or maybe 1980.

He's quite the gentleman, bought me a drink.