Find that Disney tune - please !!

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Hi all,

We've just returned from WDW, and on a trip to Epcot we saw Mickey,
Goofy, etc arriving on a bus at the plaza end of World Showcase. What
particularly interested us was the MUSIC that accompanied this
particular appearance, because we'd heard it last year in Disneyland
Paris (where, we think, it was the main parade music).

We really want to find a copy of this music, and would be grateful if
anybody could help.

Hunting down a bit more information, we think it could be called
'Dancin' and may appear on a couple of DLP CD's called either 'Une
Journee a Disneyland Paris' or 'Les Parades en Musique'.

The lyrics include the lines "... take my hand, just like Alice in

Anybody know of any place we can easily get a copy of this? We looked
through all the CD's we could find in WDW and couldn't see anything
that looked like it might be this particular song...

Many thanks in advance,


Hi TJ,

Well, to get it "easily" - try Kazaa or WinMX, searching with "Disney" and

To get it "officially" - I'm not so sure. I think I have it on a Tokyo
Disneyland anniversary CD but I could be wrong and unfortunately I'm not at
home right now. If I find out for sure I'll post again.

Good luck!