Early bird suggestions?

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I need help planning a day at WDW in mid-October.

I will only be at the resort for one day, and I intend to split the day
between MK and EPCOT.  Since World Showcase stays open later than MK, I
would like to start the day at MK and end at EPCOT.  That should give me a
full twelve hour day (9AM to 9PM)

Where would you suggest that I park?  Would it be easier to park my car at
EPCOT and take transpo to MK so that I will end the day where my car is?
What is the earliest hour I can park my car in the EPCOT lot if the park
opens at 9AM?  At what time do they begin transportation to the MK front

At the risk of starting a flame war, is parking at a resort acceptable
during mid-week?