Disney Theme Park-Related TV Shows, November 9 - 18

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(Heavy metal door in ground clangs open. Paul peers out.)

All clear? Oh, good. Hello again, everyone.

Sorry I was gone last week, folks - everybody was getting so riled up about
the election I felt like I needed to get away to someplace quiet until it
was all over. Fortunately, I found this old bomb shelter in the
neighborhood. No endlessly repeating political commercials, no sound bites
and stump speeches, no pollsters calling you every 5 minutes - it was really
nice.  Eating emergency rations from 1957 did take some getting used to,

It looks like the programmers needed a break from everything as much as I
did - we only have two shows about the parks coming up, and they're both
about Disneyland Paris. Well, at least you'll have a little extra time for
the Halloween and Christmas preparations, folks! Here's what's coming up.
(All times are PST - you DID set your clocks back, didn't you? - and all
shows are on the Travel Channel.)

A. Shows About Disney Theme Parks and Resorts

look at the construction, the shows,
parades, and attractions of Disney's newest theme park, a movie studio park
in Europe featuring movie-based
attractions such as "Cinemagique", "Armageddon", and the "Moteurs Action"
stunt show, and thrill rides such as
"Rock N' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith."

the scenes at the rides, shows and
characters of Disney's first European theme park, including a look at
headliner attractions such as "Space Mountain",
"Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" and "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril."

Well, that's all I have for the listings, but before I go, I want to offer a
belated "thank you" to all the folks that sponsored me for the
CHOC/Disneyland Resort Walk Around the Park on October 3rd.  I also want to
thank all you folks out there who sponsored the 12,000 other folks that
walked around the Disney theme parks and Downtown Disney to support
Children's Hospital of Orange County; because of your kindness and
generosity, over $1 million was raised for CHOC at the Walk! I'd also like
to extend an invitation for you to join us crazy people bright and early on
October 2, 2005 for the 15th edition of the Walk in the Park - you may
grumble a little about getting out of bed that early, but once you've done
it you'll never regret it.

Of course, what fun is it to thank people for their generosity without
mentioning them by name? :) Thanks to these people and organizations for
sponsoring me on the CHOC Walk:
Emilio Aragon
Ann Hayden
Doreen Menerey
Robert Sanchez
Linda Vining
Patty Winter
Melanie Young
Chapter at the Park NFFC

Well, that's going to do it for this time. Now, to enjoy the post-election
peace and quiet... (Phone rings.) Just a minute. Hello?
You're from what polling group? No, I don't know who I'm going to vote for
in 2008! (Pause.) No, that doesn't mean I'm undecided, it's just that the
election's four years away! Go bother someone in Iowa or New Hampshire, will
you? (Hangs up phone.) Good grief. Have a good week, and take care,

Last night on Speed Channel (the British show that I can't remember the name
of , "5th Gear" I think) they showed a segment about "Moteurs Action" while
discussing stunt driving. Very neat. Really makes us look forward to the
show being at Disney-MGM in the near-ish future. It will probably be
rebroadcast at some point. They discussed the design of the cars, the
training, and other stuff.