Deluxe Dining plan?

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I noticed that there are other dining plan options other than the
basic we are all used to.  I can't find prices anywhere, though.  I
just wondered how much it would be to add the deluxe dining plan to
the Magic Your Way package as opposed to the $37.99 per day basic plan
that no longer includes appetizer and tip.
$69.99 per adult (ages 10+)
$19.99 per child (ages 3-9)

The Deluxe plan includes the appetizer, but still doesn't include tip.
Is that the only difference???  Wow - $30 just for one appetizer a
day????  Is anybody dumb enough to buy this plan????
You get 3 meals per day and 2 snacks per day
You should follow the link I provided....

Here's the comparison:

Basic Plan:

- 1 table service meal per person per nights stay, no appetizer
- 1 counter service meal per nights stay
- 1 snack per nights stay

Deluxe Plan
- 3 meals per nights stay, your choice of table service or counter
service, if table service, it includes appetizer
- 2 snacks per nights stay
- 1 refillable mug per stay

If you one to eat at a lot of table service meals, or signature dining
locations, this plan can be of value.

I did the calculations, and it seems that the extra food value you get is 
just about the same as the additional amount you pay into the Plan. This was 
using the Deluxe DDP to eat at a Signature restaurant virtually every night 
by not using that day's breakfast credit. I didn't really calculate it for 
non-Signature restaurants.

But yes, if you're OK eating a majority of your meals at table service 
places, it at least breaks even. If you're going to eat mostly counter 
service, it's a terrible choice.

If you are doing mostly character breakfasts, the dining plan isn't a 
good one.  If I was still doing travel, I wouldn't recommend the current 
dining plan to most guests.  The only way I can see it working is if 
someone wanted to eat a NICE meal - Le Cellier, Coral Reef, etc. each 
night.  Not a lunch, not a character breakfast, etc.  With the deletion 
of the appetizer and tip, it can be a $20 less value on some days than 
what last years DDP provided.

I would definitely not get the deluxe, and would not recommend it to 
most guests either - if you have 2 table service meals per day, it could 
add up to upwards of $100.00 per day in food cost (on the plan) once you 
add in the tips.

With the Free Dining this year (for those that were already able to book it 
under certain circumstances), they're allowing you to upgrade to the Deluxe 
Dining by just paying the difference between Regular and Deluxe. In my 
calculations on how my friends and I would eat on such a plan, we would 
break-even on the additional money. i.e., we would get as much food out of 
the upgraded plan as we paid into it. That was using the Deluxe Plan to skip 
breakfast every day and use that credit to double-up and eat at a Signature 
restaurant every evening.

Of course, each family's use of the Plan would be different, that was just 

I had the chance to do a bounceback for this year, but I wasn't sure the 
free dine would be worth the money again.   Between the hotel discount 
I'd lose, and the tip not included - I'd need to be in the room with 
other friends, not by myself.

That is really interesting that they are letting you upgrade.  The DDP 
was too hard for me to keep up with as is (too much food). :)