Day 3 tmnkat TR Sun 12/01/2003

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Kathy - me (tour guide)
Tim - husband (driver and payee)
My co-worker  (first time to WDW)
My co-worker's 18 year old son, (also first time to WDW)

I choose The Garden Grove at the Swan as a meeting place because I knew it had
a buffet and that we needed to take in a decent meal before the EPCOT.tour.  My
co-worker called and said that she and her son had decided to skip breakfast
and sleep in this morning.  Tim and I enjoy a very good breakfast here and even
qualify for a DC discount.  We return to our room to meet my co-worker and head
over to EPCOT.  Her son has wisely decided to skip the tour.  In planning this
trip, I was hesitant if it would be too much for them but my co-worker wanted
to give it a try anyway.     

Undiscovered Future World
We enter at the Gateway and walk briskly toward Guest Relations.  There are 6
of us for the tour, Simon, Simon, David and our guide Robert.  The tour
included back stage to the Land, to a VIP room, to Test Track, and an actual
Test Track ride.  At first my co-worker did not want to experience the ride,
but the group convinced her and this became she and her son's favorite. We also
got to meet and talk with a CS from, I think, Japan.  Tim and I really enjoyed
the tour but my co-worker was visibly losing steam by the end.  Robert did a
great job of managing through it all.  This tour is tough for a smoker because
there is only one short break and it is not near a smoking area.  Once the tour
ended, we headed My co-worker back to the hotel to check on her son.  It seems
he had stayed in the room the whole time so was very hungry.  Our next journey,
PS at the...

Yachtsman Steakhouse:
I had heard the filet is tender enough to cut with a fork and I was on a
mission to put that rumor to the test.  I found the food to be good yet
extremely pricey.  My co-worker and my  sweet wine was $8.50 per glass, Tim's
roasted chicken was $23 with an additional $7.00 charge for a salad and my 8 oz
Filet was $33.  My best find here was the Chicken Cordon Bleu soup, delicious
and only  $3.29.  The staff was very accommodating by allowing my very
overwhelmed co-worker and her son to order off of the kids menu, she the Prime
Rib for $8.50, and he the Cheeseburger for $5.50, and we made sure to tip

We mistakenly thought that we had to rush back to EPCOT so my co-worker's son
could experience Test Track before closing but we found this area to be open
later then we had expected   My poor co-worker and her son are not fast paced
people and I think we almost gave them a heart attack.  Tim & I showed them how
to get a fast pass for Test Track and headed over to Mission Space to get one
for us.  In the meantime, we all rode Ellen's Energy Adventure and we tried to
get them to try Space Ship Earth but they did not want any part of it. 
Returned them back to Test Track for their ride and fortunately, Tim and I
slipped into the single riders spot so we were able to secure spots about the
same time as them.  Then, we headed back to Mission Space where they waited for
us to ride.  Because I had felt a little queasy after Body Wars one year I was
concerned of how I would do with this ride but I followed Robert, Simon, and
Simon's advice to keep my eyes focused on the screen in front of me and did
just fine.  Tim however exited looking a little pale.  At this point, my
co-worker let us know that she was bored.   I told them her and her son that
they could go our own way and meet us somewhere but they did not feel
comfortable being on their own. So...we headed off to Mexico and Norway where
she and her son both seemed to enjoy both rides.  Next, we got a glass of wine
and stopped to listen to the Candlelight Processional.  My co-worker had said
she had wanted to hear some Christmas music but not the way they sang it. 
Personally, I thought it was inspiring but everyone has different tastes.   We
left the Processional to find a smoking area then off to the place that Robert,
our tour guide, had so kindly roped off for us to view IlumiNations.  Simon and
Simon were there and it was great to have conversation with people who loved
WDW as much as I do.  I think my co-worker and her son enjoyed the show and we
strolled back to our hotel via the Gateway.  It was so nice not having to catch
a bus or find our car in the parking lot.  We stop by Guest Services where I
encourage my co-worker and son to grab some brochures, look them over, and find
some things that they think they would enjoy.  We grab snacks at Tubbies and
discuss our agenda for tomorrow.
Doesn't sound like we want to take the co-worker again anytime in the near


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Exactly what I was thinking! Kathy, you have a lot of patience. You will get
your reward in heaven. :-)

Ruth Ann in MA
LOL, thanks, it was quite an experience.  Kathy J
Sorry to read your co-worker was not too adventurus but a first time WDW trip
can be overwhelming but I also would not have sat in room waiting for you to
>Subject: Re: Day 3 tmnkat TR Sun 12/01/2003

Our family members aren't the waiting type either.  Funny story, wasn't then
but is now... When our daughters were teens, we were staying in a hotel in
Dallas when the fire alarm went off in the middle of the night.  After trying 
to locate our shoes in the dark (lesson  learned:  always know where your shoes
and pants are before going to sleep) we could not find our 15 year old daughter
or one of my shoes.  Ends up she had grabbed two shoes, one of which was mine,
and was already calmly in the lobby waiting for us.  Kathy J