Corn Dogs at WDW

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According to Deb's menu's, AK has a corn dog kiosk.  Are corn dogs available 
at MK, EC, or DHS?  I think Casey's at MK has corn dog nuggets, but any real 
corn dogs?

Thanks in advance

I thought this group knew everything about WDW?

Can you recommend a different WDW group that can answer my question?

While not at a park, there are real corn dogs at one of the kiosks on
the Boardwalk - a short walk if you exit Epcot through the
International Gateway.
We do.

We could, but then we'd have to kill you. ;-)

Seriously, if you've looked at the menus on, then I'd take 
that as the gospel.  The good folks that run that site are very accurate 
with their information.
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