Canda CD Question

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One of my students asked me today if she would be able to find a
Celiene Dion CD in the Canada pavilion at Epcot.  I know, I thought it
was an odd question, too.  I wandered why she couldn't buy it at Wal
Mart.  Anyway, can anyone answer her question for me?

Dollywood Hillery
Perhaps she's smart enough to know that when you shop at Wal-Mart you're 
contributing to the Poverty of America culture that Wal-Mart is cultivating.
If that's the case (and I tend to disagree), she can still find other
music stores.

To Hillary: If she can't find it locally or at the Canada pavilion,
there's a Virgin Megastore in Downtown Disney.  I would be very
surprised if they didn't have it.
Her response to me today: "It would just be cool to have one from Disney 
World."  Apparently she's a huge Celine fan.  It surprised me.

Thanks for the suggestion, Ben.  I'll pass it on.