Bug in Bed @ POR

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As we returned to room 8533 and turned down the bed we found a live bug on 
the blanket.  Called housekeeping, they sent the p.m. manager over with 2 
housekeepers and the pest control manager.  He searched the bedding 
thoroughly and both beds were changed with clean linen.  The p.m. manager 
credited $50 to our account for the inconvenience.  Very nice grounds there 
BTW.  The room was better cleaned after our call about the odor and the 
loose hair found in the room.
Hair?  That's ironic.  We stayed at the Polynesian last week and there 
was a ball of blond, wiry hair in one of our beds the first night when 
we turned down the covers.  I mean, it was like someone pulled a clump 
of hair out of their head.  It was about the size of a baseball.  Not 
quite sure where is was (guessing stuck behind the mattress and 
headboard and replacing the linens unlodged it) but it was very weird. 
We didn't bother complaining but it was a clear indication of a less 
than stellar check-out cleaning.  We are not germaphobes so it wasn't 
that big of a deal to us but I can understand how it could freak some 
people out.

That would totally get my daughter.  She is the worst germaphobe I have ever 
seen.  She didn't get that from mom & dad, she said her science class ruined 
her.  lol
One of the worst hotel/motels I ever stayed in was an Orlando Day's
Inn.  The paint was literally peeling off the wall and my then 2 year
old son was picking it off and chewing it.  (If there was lead in the
paint, that would explain a lot about how he turned out !).  When we
arrived, there was a clump of pubic hair in the tub.   Evidently
someone decided to get ready for a really skimpy swim suit.  yecch.
The bed had not been made and it had a grimy looking bottom
sheet.  .   Although management switched us to another room, we never
felt clean.   Fortunately, we have never had a negative onsite room
experience that I can recall.   Maybe a palmetto bug or two, but it's
Florida.   They come with the territory and there isn't much you can
do to prevent a fly-in once in a while.
Science is way too scary to be taught to anyone, it's not the bugs you can 
see that will kill you.... I bet with all the International Guest that 
Disney has, that a microbiologist would have a field day.

Thanks, just added a can of Lysol to the packing list!


Is there going to be room in the suitcase with the gallon of Purell already 
in there.....? ;)