Beach Club/Swan Dolphin questions

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I have a few questions I hope someone can answer.

Our family booked 7 nights at the Beach Club and my parents booked at the
Swan or Dolphin (can't recall which :) We were wondering if my mom could
come over to Stormalong Bay just to sit with me (not swim) while our 3 kids
swam. She would be with me or my husband. I know they are strict with the
pool area - does she need to be an actual guest at the BC?

Also, what is the approx. walking time between the resorts?


We have stayed at both resorts (and at the BC several times). If it is a busy
time of year, they may ask to see resort ID for each adult. However,normally,
when  we go during off season, they haven't checked at all.  
It is only a few minutes walk from the BC to the Dolphin.  However, depending
where your room is at the BC versus  where her room is at the Dolphin, it could
take 15-20 min room to room!!
I don't see any problem because you just show your room id and go in.
The problem is that the OP will have a Swan/Dolphin room id.  Even if they had
a Disney room card, they can tell by the numbers specifically which resort it
is from.  That being said, I would not expect any problems if she explains that
she is going to sit with her daughter while the kids swim, or better yet,
simply enters with her daughter.  

She could always get an additional room key, too.

Down 56 pounds and counting. :)
Clever idea!

She could always get an additional room key, too.
Thanks to everyone who repied. :) I appreciate the responses!!!

We just got back from the Beach club and the pool was not even checking ID's
9 out of the 10 days we were there.

Only 1 day did you need BC/YC ID to get a towel and slide wristband.

And wandering into the pool area is something a lot of folks can certainly
do, to either just see it - head to beaches and cream or come in and meet
some friends at the hotels.
they are your guests and can come in, even to swim.