Any experience staying in a "pool home"?

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We're beginning to plan a trip to WDW next spring, and since there will be 
quite a few going (perhaps 8) we're strongly considering staying at one of 
the "pool homes" in the WDW area - does anyone have experience they could 
share, or recommendations they could make?  Thanks in advance.
Roy who posts here has a very nice pool house that Joe and I stayed
in, I think it's

I prefer to rent directly from owners rather than a management
company.  We are going with a bigger group that needed some more space
than Roy's this summer, so we looked through the listings at
and found exactly what we needed.  It took a while though - man there
are a LOT of rentals out there!  We ended up with a home called
"Hakuna Matata" that has a spa as well as a pool, and a game room in
the garage.

Both of those homes are off Hwy 27, just north of the intersection
with 192, an area I find to be fairly uncongested and safe, with quick
access to Disney property via Sherberth Road and Osceola Parkway to
World Drive.

I love being in a real house.  I like the break from Disney, access to
real world groceries and drugstores, not having to queue up for all my
meals by cooking some at home.  Plus, having your own pool is fun!

I would go ahead and pay for pool heat even in the middle of the
summer.  It may just be me, but I found the pool at Roy's to be icy
even in the middle of July.  I am 40 and I think it really might be
just me -- but the house we're renting this month, I paid for pool

The only down side is that you will be asked to pay in full up front,
sometimes a full month and half before your trip, and most owners and
management companies have a no refund policy under any circumstances
within that window.  Most also do not take credit cards.  We did a lot
of searching and found a guy who does take cards, and had a very
lenient cancellation policy that we were more comfortable with.
There's not a whole of them out there, but there are some, who will
work with you if some misfortune should befall your vacation plans.

I had a bad experience along these lines with All Star Vacation Homes,
a big management and rental company.  We had to change plans, and a
full 11 months before our trip dates, they kept my entire deposit and
wouldn't give it back, would only let me rebook with it within 12
months, and we couldn't travel at all within that time frame.  I know
they had it all written out for me to read and sign, so mea culpa, but
I won't do business under those terms with anyone any more.

You can find deals at around $125 a night with pool heat if you look
hard and aren't going at peak times.

I have not stayed at any pool homes, but everyone does seem to like Roys 
(and he's been here forever, so you know you can trust him - even if he 
cannot spill spell!) :)

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