Advice-Driving to WDW from MN/Wisc and car questions

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I saw on the Frapper map that some of the group resides in Minnesota
and Wisconsin. I am wondering if any of you ever drove to Orlando? Does
anyone know of someone from the MN/Wisc area that has driven down

I am wondering if it is a feasible thing for one person to do? If so,
about how long would it take? I know it is a 24-hour trip if you drive
straight through (but if I tried it by myself it would be straight
through all right - straight through a billboard or over the road

I hate to pay the hefty car rental fees once I am down there so I was
considering driving down instead. I had been planning to go down in
February (week of 19-26) and go two weeks ahead of that date or two
weeks after. However, the car rental would have been close to a
thousand dollars!

I really want to stay longer when I go to WDW but I really want, need,
must have a car. I am a shopper and a sightseer. Also, I like to look
around for places to stay once I become a snowbird.

So any thoughts about me driving down alone. Or any other thoughts as
to how I could lower the cost of a car (yeah, I could buy one but when
I left where would I keep it?) Ideas??
<any thoughts about me driving down alone. Or any other thoughts as
to how I could lower the cost of a car <

Car rental in Orlando is not usually expensive.  What rates are you
pulling up?

My thoughts on driving all the way down:
you could do it in a 14 hr day and a 10 hr day and spend 12 hours in a
motel for the night in between, but you have to love to drive.  Unless
airfare is truly prohibitive it will probably be as cheap or cheaper to
fly.  You should be able to rent a car for about $140-180 per week,
From Green Bay, WI. I've driven it twice with my wife, and I won't ever do 
it again. It's a 25-27 hour drive.

Especially for one person, the cost of airfare and the car rental won't be 
much more than the gas and tolls both ways. Plus, it eats away precious time 
from your vacation.

If you insist on doing it, Right around Nashville is a good place to stop, 
going there and back.