A Grumpy Thought for the Day -- Tower of Terror!

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Well, perhaps some of you are wondering if this claustrophobic chicken-poop
ever tried to get on ToT.  I was given lots of good advice, opinions, and
encouragement, but did it help?  Let me tell ya...

After reading what many of you had written about ToT vs. Star Tours, DH was
pretty insistent that I would not be coming home with him if I didn't give
ToT a try (he talks big, but he's really very kind, really!).  I decided
that I really would *like* to try it.  But could I?  Well...

We made our way to MGM one evening early in the trip, so that, in case I
found that I really loved ToT, there would be other opportunities to ride.
I nervously made my way to that end of the park, gulped, and got in line w/
DH & DS.  As luck would have it, there were two kids and their parents in
front of us from England.  The children, ages 10 (the girl) and 6 (the boy)
were delightful, and thought it was a little funny that this grown woman was
having such a fit about something they enjoyed.  They gave me their
impressions and descriptions of the ride, and we had a good laugh.  The
little guy kept describing the drop over and over again, and was so utterly
charming that I forgot my fear.  I decided to stick close to this fun-loving
family.  As we entered the library, we were still together.  When the lights
went out, both the girl and I screamed, and then got the giggles so bad that
we could hardly stop!  Too fun!  As we moved on and approached the elevator,
I was still feeling brave --hooray!  (I should insert here that I had taken
a small dose of an anti-anxiety medication to help matters along.)

Luckily, we were able to be on the same elevator with the fun UK family, and
they sat right behind us.  That made me feel better, knowing that there were
nice people behind and with me.  The mom screamed nearly every moment of the
ride, which made me feel very brave, since I only screamed a little.  And I
liked it!  Ron was right, the feeling is awesome, and many of you were very
right on about the claustrophobia -- much less than Star Tours.

We rode it immediately again, and two more times on a later visit.  I was a
little freaked out on the second day (perhaps needed a little medication),
but there was so much to see, and the freefall feeling is so cool...I would
ride it again, and again.  I felt like the green eggs and ham guy -- I would
ride it in the rain, and I would ride it on a train....you get the picture.

So, in summary, I was brave, it was fun, and I'm glad I tried it!  It might
not be for everyone, and I might not ride it more than twice a trip, but I
can tolerate it very well.  Thanks everyone, for your helpful discriptions
and encouragement!

Kathy M.
I was brave.

It was Fun.

I'm glad I tried it,

and sad it's done.

Way to go Kathy!